Golden card animations while in hand/on board

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When I play with my golden cards, the animations while the card is not zoomed in are really buggy. They twitch and make weird moves, but when I zoom in by hovering over the card, it usually stops bugging out. Some of the golden cards never seem to have this bug, but the biggest offender I find is Leper Gnome and Mind Blast.
Another thing: I had two golden Leper Gnomes in my hand at once, and the one farthest to the left was bugging out, but the one on the right was fine.

And its been brought up many times, but the cursor is HUGE on mac. On my windows computer, I have none of these issues.

I have the Mac Book Pro with Retina Display 13 inch, with 8 gigs ram.
I'm having this too on my new Macbook Pro Retina 15". Golden cards in hand and in play sometimes shimmer and flicker quite annoyingly. What's weird is that I wasn't having it on another Macbook Pro Retina 15"!

I was somehow able to make the shimmering stop by dragging Hearthstone to my external monitor, putting in full screen, taking it out of full screen, and dragging it back to my laptop's primary monitor.

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