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Before the patch, one could easily swipe from fullscreen Hearthstone to the desktop (or Command+Tab). Now one has to quit the Hearthstone application completely to access any other program. It worked seamlessly before patch Is there any way of fixing this?
Yeah, please. This worked perfectly and was very smooth, now suddenly with the new opening screen and all command-tabbing doesn't work.
I see no reason for removing a perfectly fine function of the application.
Same here. Please fix.
yea weren't we able to make it windowed full screen to enable swiping between pages?
Adding my agreement to this thread that the old behavior was preferable. I could three-finger-swipe in and out of the fullscreen HS client before, but now I can't.

Also, Command-Tab no longer works in the fullscreen mode.

Command-F to swap in and out of fullscreen to windowed mode works, but will not properly set the resolution when returning to fullscreen. Re-setting resolution works.

The patch note item "The system menu bar will no longer display over the client in full screen mode" is an undesirable loss in functionality. Mac users (as least, me) expect full screen apps to display the system menu bar when the mouse touches the top of the screen, exactly as it did in the previous version of the Mac client.

The patch note item "Using Alt + Tab to switch focus while in full screen mode will no longer cause the dock to appear over the client" seems to be accurate as "alt + Tab" doesn't do anything at all. Perhaps the patch notes should have referred to "Command + Tab", but as already noted, this doesn't do anything at all.

The Mac client was previously among the best Mac game clients. These changes are very un-Mac-like and remove normal functionality.
Same problems here.
Agreed with all comments above. The previous behavior is was better when you could command-tab or 3 finger swipe to temporarily leave the game when in full screen mode. Coming back to the full-screen game was sometimes annoying because the dock could sometimes appear but that was preferable to the current state. Now I am either forced to play in windowed mode or command-f to switch between full screen and windowed mode.

By the way, if you command-f to go to windowed mode and then command-f to go back to the full screen mode I think the aspect ratio changes and the game gets stretched vertically.
Yes, please fix this. From my point of view this is a bug.
I think this is a bug, too. and it's annoying. I often want to do something else while waiting for the opponents such as changing musics and stuffs but it won't allow anything! I tried command+tab, 3 finger swipe, and mission control. They used to work but now don't. Please fix this asap!
Posting for solidarity. Need swiping and alt+cmd'ing back. Was crucial to my flow.
Gotta add a big ditto here. The nature of Hearthstone as a game that can be play casually while doing other things makes the multitasking features of OSX a perfect companion to the game. Please add this functionality back to the game.
Bump Bump, command+tab doesn't work in full screen mode.
finger swipe doesn't work for me either.
I don't know if this is intended or not, but the old version is way better.
I have the same problem. Command Tab is very important to switch out of the app. As others have said this was exceptionally smooth before. Please fix it!
The old version was much more preferable over the current one where multitasking is not available. There should be a way to make the toolbar disappear and still allow for the quick app switching. I did not have the problem with the toolbar but that seems to be the reason why that feature was removed.
Bump. Same issue, please fix!!!!!!
bumpity bumpity this bug doesn't allow me to play hearthstone at work efficiently lol
Just logged in for the first time since the patch and I'm having the same issue. I have a late-2013 13" Macbook Pro and can no longer 4 finger swipe to desktop, or access desktop or mission control by any other means.
Bump please fix blizzard! Game is currently unplayable and if it's any incentive my birthday is on March 15th ;););)
imac 2011
osx 10.9.2

can't command-tab, and the real reason why i want this feature back is because i have no patience waiting for people who take their time playing, like as if this game requires any thought process...

damn man, its turn one and you're taking 30 seconds... COMMAND-TAB PLZ
Same issue, can't swipe or tab out to switch applications while HS is running fullscreen, worked before the patch.

MB Air late 2010 - Mountain Lion.

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