Can't swipe or Command+Tab in fullscreen

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Yup, same problem here. I had switch spaces bound to right ctrl + Arrow keys.

It's really unfortunate this doesn't work anymroe.
Wanted to my add my two cents to this. The old functionality was far preferable to this. This is just frustrating. I'm just running it in Window-ed mode now. Too annoying otherwise.
+1 Please bring back swipe. Mac client was perfect before.
Posting for solidarity as well. Hope this gets fixed soon!
Please add the old feature back. It was great that I could go from researching to playing my move. Also it makes it hard for me to use Skype and other things
Add another Mac user who really misses being able to ctrl left out of fullscreen.
I will stop playing this game if i have to close it every time i want to search something. pls fix :(
I am having the same issue that others describe. Please bring back the ability to 3-finger swipe out of Hearthstone.
I have the same problem. I have to either quit the game or press the dock on the keyboard to tab out.
This is an incredibly annoying issue that too can confirm.

Hardware: Mid 2012 rMBP 15"
OS: 10.9.2

Cannot use multi-finger swipe or "Cmd" + "Tab" to cycle apps or "Spaces"
Same issue on my Mac - at least I know I'm not the only one. Gestures are one of the best features of the OS so please allow them to work correctly!
Makes me sad to not be able to swipe!
Same here, please update or fix it ASAP!!! Quitting the game every time just to open a new application is not comfortable!!!
I was really happy when I first started playing Hearthstone and found that it supported Mac-style fullscreen as a "space" with Cmd-Tab and swiping to other screens. Having that go away is a huge bummer.
In for the me too.

I can't use gestures to move between spaces in full screen, nor can I use command-tab to move between screens. This surely must be a bug; please restore the functionality.

Mac OS X 10.9.2
Using an external HDMI monitor connected to a MacBookAir5,2 with the lid closed.
same here, and the game takes longer to launch compared to the previous patch.
Yeah, this is a huge bummer.
Totally agree that this needs a fixing.

I run my podcasts while playing so I use swipe/tab out of the client to mess with other stuff. Not being able to do this messes with me fully enjoying the game.
This is critical. It's amazing how one subtle aspect like this makes the game basically unplayable for me.

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