Common Payment and Technical Isssues

Mac Technical Support
If you experience errors or issues when you try to buy cards, please follow these steps from our Hearthstone Shop support article to try and resolve the issue.

  • 1. Check your primary payment method. Make sure that it’s valid, not expired, and that all associated information is correct.
  • 2. Check with your bank or payment provider to be sure that they are not declining the transaction. They may also have fraud-prevention measures that detect suspicious transactions, so be sure to check even in the event that you have sufficient funds!
  • 3. If you prefer to use Balance, make sure that you have enough. Remember that it can take up to three days for the balance to be credited to your account. To learn more about Balance, please check out our Balance FAQ.

Please also, while making purchases in Hearthstone, bear in mind our Hearthstone Refund and Restoration Policy.

Error 10200249 - Unable to make purchases
If you are receiving this error when attempting to make purchases inside Hearthstone, it means that Parental Controls are enabled on the account.

If you find yourself receiving this error, you will need to place a tick next to the Allow In-Game Purchases option in the Parental Controls management screen. Afterward, you can optionally remove the parental controls entirely. Should you not have Parental Controls on your account but are still seeing this error, please contact Customer Support for assistance.

Technical Support: Monday - Friday, 12pm - 9pm Pacific Time
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Common Technical Issues

Additional support articles can be found on our Hearthstone Support page.
Technical Support: Monday - Friday, 12pm - 9pm Pacific Time
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