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This is driving me nuts. I get constant disconnects on both my home PC and iPad mini. The PC is hard wired to my home router. This isn't an ISP issue, it happens on my mini while on other wifi networks or connected via LTE. The disconnect seems to happen around turn 7 most of the time on both machines.
This is happening frequently for me. This afternoon I played 4 games in play mode, and 2 of them just got stuck at some point and the current turn never ended. The only thing that works is for me to exit the game. I play StarCraft 2 all the time and never experience disconnects. It's hard for me to imagine this game requiring a better connection that starcraft 2. I just reduced all the graphics settings in HearthStone to see if this has any impact.
I am also often experiencing the same disconnect/reconnect problem when playing HS on my Windows. When this occurs, I find that the launcher client itself also attempts to disconnect/reconnect.
This also happens often on Heroes of the Storm while out of game. In an actual game, I experience no issues; while browsing the shop, searching versus, or just being in the menu screen, however, disconnect/reconnect occurs as frequently as in Hearthstone. The launcher client similarly disconnects/reconnects simultaneously.
This happens approximately just shy of once a minute (making searching for games rather aggravating when average queue times are longer).
ok this is annoying every time me and my friends try to duel it dc's before we can get in wtf blizz
I just built a brand new computer
Intel I7 4770k
MSI z87-G45 Mobo
Geforce GTX 780 3gig gddr5
16 gigs 3000 ddr3 memory
120 SSD for OS
250 SSD for games
1TB for storage
just did a 100% fresh install of windows/ and games and i'm getting disconnected from HS, Diablo rubberbanding and Warcraft disconnects after games, during games, and after boss fights
I'm constantly getting disconnected from ranked games making me lose ranking for no reason, constantly making my guild wait for me to reconnect. It's getting rediculous when i'm on a 225/25 speed with less than 60 ping at any given time ISP wise which I've had them check multiple times.
I keep getting disconnected to the point I can't play the game at all. It does while in the middle of a battle wether it's casual, ranked or the naxxramas missions or playing against a friend. If I go to disenchant, three scrolls of the book disconnects me. If I build a deck it disconnects in the middle of it. It is annoying beyond description. I am using a iPad mini w retina in case that helps.
Same problem for me (Windows 8 x64) - I barely can even finish some games, but rather getting disconnect. Sometimes pressing on Hero messages helps, but not always. Its looking for me as some network issue, because previosly I used to get such symptoms when utorrent client was running on PC - but now everything is same, even if all torrent clients are closed.
I'm using Win 8 x64, MacBook Pro with Mavericks and iPad2. I don't have any problems with HS on my Win computer, but can't play on my Mac and iPad. I start a game, and then in the middle of it I simply wait for my turn, for like eternity (connection lost).

Bare in mind that I'm using the same internet connection for all devices/computer.
Same problem for me. I'm playing heartstone on my IPad. Since yesterday I constantly disconnect. It is getting very frustrating. Do something about it Blizzard !
i cant login anymore

error BLZBNTBGS80000021 (3003)

please help
I like others I see have been disconnectted while playing the game. I have downloaded and deleted the game. I am frustrated. This is occurring too often and am not a happy gamer with it. If we cannot stay connected, we cannot enjoy the game experience through a game. What can you see as a trend?
I too have had serious issues with in-game crashes. My Hearthstone has been crashing since the patch on Aug 5, 2014. It has crashed when I play Rexar regardless if it's on my home server, work server, computer or mobile device. Game crashes at any time and multiple times during a game (sometimes restarts or jumps to the turn, of course with me missing my turn). Seems I can't lose anymore stars now....
I apologize, it is happening on all heroes.
AGGGGHHHH. I have been disconnected from every game for the past 1.5 weeks while playing on my ipad 2 via several different wi-fi connections. I am DONE with this game.
Same issue is happening with me.I can't connect,and when it does I either 1)Get the closed sign then find out I need to re-connect or 2)I get to the loading screen and it just loads,I check bnet and its d/c again.This isn't a hardware nor internet connection fault.Something is up with the BNet launcher,please fix this problem.
Similar issue here.

Often times while in the middle of a match I'll "disconnect" right after playing a card at the start of my turn. What I really mean is the game becomes unresponsive like it's not my turn (nothing highlighted) and the card I played doesn't do anything. I can leave the game up an running and it won't boot me out for a while, but I'll run out of time vs. whomever I'm up against. The temp fix I came up with is to quit and immediately restart whenever this happens, since I'll reconnect, but it's really frustrating since it happens like every third game now.

Also, this issue just started happening like a week ago for me. Never had issues before then. And nothing has changed w/r/t my internet service or connection.
07/28/2014 02:31 PMPosted by Nienna
I'm using Win 8 x64, MacBook Pro with Mavericks and iPad2. I don't have any problems with HS on my Win computer, but can't play on my Mac and iPad. I start a game, and then in the middle of it I simply wait for my turn, for like eternity (connection lost).

Bare in mind that I'm using the same internet connection for all devices/computer.

Same here, I can play fine on my Win7 PC but when I use my Ipad Air or Macbook Pro I get the constant disconnects/lag.
First I have to say that this game is incredibly addicting and fun beyond description. I appreciate the design and time put into creating this FREE time/life gouger of a game. I love it! No complaints except for one issue... This is an ongoing issue that i periodically encounter. Some days are worse than others. I have no trouble playing ps3 online, streaming music or browsing the web but this game will crash seemingly for no reason at all. And like others have mentioned, it is usually late in the game when turns are somehow skipped over or a reconnect occurs only to allow access to a loss. Frustrating indeed. If possible, please fix. Again, I love this game!
Also been happening to me as well. Played around 12 ranked games last night and after each one my connection timed out and closed HS. I also sometimes get DC's in the middle of matches. Windows 7
The same thing here..... At each game, i am disconneted ..... Grrr since 3 days.... All was good before but now it s unplayable ( good Words) . I m playing on i pad with an wi fii connection unti now.... All my stuff is ok And all applications is closed.... Please help us! ( sorry for my poor english)

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