Holy Nova bug

Bug Report
I was playing priest in ranked. My opponent had three minions on the board, all with 2 or less health, including a Novice Engineer with Blessing of Might and Blessing of Wisdom on it.

I played Holy Nova. It healed me , damaged my opponent and killed two of his minions, but didn't do anything to the Novice Engineer, leaving the 4/1 sitting on the board. History just didn't show the Holy Nova hitting the engineer.

I did win the game, but that was very odd.
Are you sure the Novice Engineer didn't have Divine Shield? Do you have a screenshot?
almost the same thing happen to me when I played against a shaman who had 5 minions all but 1 had health 2 or less , the last 1 had 3 . I played nova healed me and it only killed 2 minions. none had divine shield
08/17/2015 12:35 PMPosted by saffiroth

Ancestral Spirit.

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