Synchronizing Ipad's progress to windows ?

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Hi all, im new here, so I have started playing Heartstone first in my ipad mini, but I figured out it would be better to play it in a much bigger screen i.e my Windows PC
So I wanted to ask is there any way for me to synchronize all my progress on my ipad (custom decks, pack of cards earned, etc..) to my Windows PC Heartstone ? Thanks in advance

All of your cards, progress and deck lists are saved to your account per region.

If you use the same email address when logging in on your iPad and on your Windows PC and select the same region (Americas) you should find all your cards already there and waiting.

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i started playing on holiday on ipad, does this mean i have to start all over again?

and i loose all my purchases too?
If you logged in with your existing account then no. You'll have all the progress of that account and region. If you are saying you already started on iPad, and did not log in with the same account as on desktop, then they will be separate collections.
thanks for the reply, i logged in with the same account but i did not not see anyone in my friends list, would it be because i was not in the same region? i have returned home now and my pc does not have any of my progress.
I logged back in on the ipad and everything is still there?

what am i doing wrong please?

thanks for your help


I just checked and the hearthsteed award has unlocked in my main account so its definitely the same account.


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