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laddering as warrior and my spells cast but they never actually complete their effect. when ever i summon or attack with a minion it freezes until the last 15 seconds of the turn. before i can do anything. Also it is freezing again if i try to summon a minion during that time. playing out of australia wondering if other people are having this trouble?
I've been having this problem as well (playing arena as a Druid most recently, although it's happened playing other classes in other modes). On some turns, once I take any sort of action the cards react to my mouse as they would if it were my opponents turn. It recovers at the last 15 seconds like you said, but sometimes it will happen again and I get nothing done that turn. It's also happened that I'll play a card during the last 15 seconds, then get stuck again, get a message that says "Sorry, you're turn has ended" then get the card returned to my deck...

Have you been able to resolve your trouble?
I got the same deal going on with mine.

Typically now, as soon as I realize that something has frozen, I instantaneously reload the client as to not miss my turn, but it is getting old rather quickly and was wondering if a resolution has been found yet.
I was in ranked game when it freezed when miracle did 2 cold blood in a row, wasn't first time ..
This is happened all the time for me, in ladder and arena. On mac, not on iPad. Really frustrating.
I got really excited when the patch notes said they fixed some of the targeting issues. Played a game and everything was great. Unfortunately played a second game and it hasn't been fixed. Decided to stick to practice to level up some of the characters i dont main. Now the game just freezes, no time running out message or anything. Background is still interactive and cursor moves etc, even says i dont have enough mana when trying to cast something, But can't attack and have to quit the game. Also getting loading loops where it loops different loading messages with the bar over and over and over until i have to quit the game. Seems less stable than it was before patch. Would go as far as to say it is still unplayable on mac platform.
I am using a Macbook Pro and also in Australia (Queensland) and it is happening to me aswell. I will play the first card of my turn and the game will freeze until the timer fuse appears, then I have to make a mad dash to play every other card and complete the turn. Lately is has gotten worse to the point that they start freezing again after the time fuse has appeared. This generally has only been happening on my mac and not the iPad, its infuriating to say the least. Would be good to get a response from Blizzard because the game is basically unplayable.

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