Stuck in a game in arena

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So I tried to move a minion and it wouldn't let me, it just sat there and made my turn run out. I had to hit end turn without making a move, and now I don't think the enemy player can move either. We're both just stuck here. It isn't even my turn, yet it keeps making my hero go "hmm..." "I wonder" and "let me think" over and over and over again.

This sucks because I was doing ok in this game but this is my final match, and if I have to forfeit it then I throw my arena match just because of a bug. Can I get a refund on my arena attempt if I have to forfeit?
something similar just happened to me at the very beginning of the arena instead of in the middle and now when I restart or try to concede it won't allow me to concede. I can close application, but it just loads me right back up to the same game against an unknown player. wouldn't have played arena if i knew that was going to happen, would have stuck with ranked or something.

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