Seasons 1 & 2 Card Backs Did NOT Unlock!

Bug Report
Hello All,

I'm having a problem in-game with the Pandaemonium & Black Temple card backs unlocking for reaching rank 20 in Ranked online play. During both seasons I was already over rank 20 on my account from having advanced so far during the previous season. During both seasons I played at least several games to advance in the rankings and assure I'd get the card backs. Despite being past the required ranking when the season ended I have yet to unlock either card back. I figured that it must have been a glitch with Season 1 or that I had missed something, however, since this has happened with Season 2 I am seeking help.

I can't submit a ticket for such an issue it seems (I'm just guided to the forums). So any and all help would be appreciated.

Hopefully a dev will find their way to this forum post.

(This is also posted in General Discussion; my apologies for the double post, I was uncertain which area would be best to submit.)

Thank you.
I did not get the card backs either & I was well advanced further than 20 on both seasons.

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