Pointer Bug After Rogue Hero Ability

Bug Report

I encountered this bug after a Rogue used his hero ability. It made it so I wasn't able to play the spell I wanted to play.
Rolkyr has commented on the issue in a related thread with a workaround:
05/30/2014 03:04 PMPosted by Rolkyr
Hey everyone,

Imma hop in here to help clarify. So, I have seen a few reports popping up where players are reporting the red targeting arrow getting stuck. I have actually had this happen to me before. This is a completely different issue from the card hovering connection issue. There is no disconnect or anything. It is just a matter of the arrow getting stuck. The good news however, is it is pretty easy to work around.

To get the opponents targeting arrow to go away, you need to produce one of your own. This can be done by selecting some hero powers, cards that target, minions for an attack etc. You DO NOT have to actually cast the card or attack, just get your own arrow to appear then cancel the action and continue on with your turn.

Work arounds can be a pain sometimes and I do apologize. This is an issue we are aware of and are working on resolving. Thanks!

- Rolkyr

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