Unable to connect after constant "updates"

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I posted this previously in Bug Reports, but I think it might be more appropriate on the Mac Forums:

For the last month or so, Battle.net will occasionally tell me Hearthstone needs to be updated. It seems to be pretty random, but at least once every two days, sometimes more often. When I run the update, it doesn't seem to download anything, just quickly "updates" approx. 600 mb of files. Everytime this happens, when I hit the play button and am taken into Hearthstone, before the Hearthstone title pops up I get a Connection Timeout error almost immediately. I can reconnect to the game again if I reset my router (unless it tells me I have to update again...). It's quite annoying, so I've tried everything listed on the website (deleting cache folders, resetting modem, direct connection, etc. etc.) I'm playing on an early 2009 24" iMac via a Time Capsule router. Also, I'm playing from Japan (only mention this as it used to cause problems when I played WoW). Any help would be appreciated! Thanks for the great game!

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