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Hi, I'm playing on my late '13 macbook pro with retina, and I'm only getting 2 different options to set the resolutions to (1280x800 and 1024x720). I have no options.txt file anywhere in sight. I have run the repair tool. I used to have more than these resolutions. The only things that have changed is that one night I plugged the macbook up to a separate monitor using an HDMI cord.
Hearthstone has a bit of a different setup for Mac, but there's a few things we can delete to rest things.

The Options.txt for Mac can be found in Documents/Library/Application Support/Blizzard/Hearthstone.

The graphics settings are saved in unity.Blizzard Entertainment.Hearthstone.plist, which is located in Library/Preferences

I would delete both of those and restart Hearthstone. Let me know if the additional screen resolutions are now present.
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How am I doing? // \\
Well, I would have done that already, but I have no Options.txt in that specific path (or any for that matter) and no Library/Preferences. I am relatively new to the Mac OS.
No worries, I can help walk you through it. :) The locations can be a bit weird since Mac has some similarly names filepaths. It just depends if you're looking in a User folder for a specific location, or the root.

1. Click on Go from the Finder menu. If you hold down the Option button, you'll see Library appear. Open the Library.
2. Click on Preferences.
3. locate unity.Blizzard Entertainment.Hearthstone.plist and move it to your Trash.
4. Launch the game and see if the new resolutions are available.
Technical Support: Sunday-Thursday, 12pm - 9pm Pacific Time
How am I doing? // \\
Thanks for the help, I was able to find and delete both of the files, but unfortunately with no luck. It is still showing only the two resolutions. I am going to uninstall and try again tonight!
A reinstall was unsuccessful :P I'm starting to think that this may be a problem with the computer rather than the game, however, I don't know what would possibly make it do this.
There is no ~/Library/App Support/Blizzard/Hearthstone Folder, even after a fresh install. I also deleted the unity.Blizzard Entertainment.Hearthstone.plist, but it had no effect on the 2 resolution option problem plaguing 13" Retina Macbook Pros... It is pretty irritating to not have retina support, but to also be forced to choose a resolution that is less than half of what my computer is capable of.
Agreed. I just don't remember it being this bad a few weeks ago.
Same here on 13 Pro. Deleting doesn't help.
Same here on 13 Pro Retina....
Is there anything that I can do about this? I mean I used to be able to run 60+FPS on high, but now I can hardly get 15 in medium. It seems hearthstone is only running worse and worse as time goes by.
I will say this, my problems seemed to only emerge one day after hitting cmd+F to get it into full screen mode. Is there some way to reverse this action?
Okay, this will hopefully be my final update until the issue is fixed. The drop in FPS (it seems) was because I was running a version of hearthstone that, in game, was not fullscreen, in fullscreen mode on OS X by hitting cmd+F. I am now running a version that it thinks is in fullscreen in game, but due to the OS X thing, It's in windowed mode. I think the problem with resolution stems from here, as I used to have more resolution options before I hit cmd+F that fateful day. I have yet to find a workaround for ANY type of resolution fix, but I hope that blizzard will come through in the end.
Blizzard pls fix this!!

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