disconnect, disconnect, disconnect :(

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every day, 4-5 times server disconnect me from my arena game. and result is always defeat. :(

strange and very frustrating thing because my internet connection works great. hearthstone client does not work, but at the SAME time I can surf, download, everything because I'm not (!!) disconnected from internet, just (for some strange, unknown reason) from hearthstone server.

what do you recommend? because (I repeat) is very, very frustrating when you lose games like that.

sry for my bad english and thank you.
I find it very frustrating AND unprofessional that a company (Blizzard) who sells a product (Hearthstone) has no satisfactory means receiving and addressing customer (me) complaints.

It is unacceptable that they offer no refunds on goods that are defective. The concept is great, and when it works, it is fun . . . but like Oblowsky, everyday in almost every other match, the game disconnects. You cannot play a game that is TIMED, when it disconnects. It is near impossible to recover from losing a turn, especially late game. There is NO WAY I'm going to spend money on Arena matches, when it could disconnect at any moment. In fact, I want my money back for what I did spend . . .

I've already tried to request satisfaction, but this bogus support and request for service leads to nothing.
ENOUGH with the disconnects!

Like the two above, I am disconnected multiple times a day, and lose games because of it. You'd think that a game that has 10s of millions of players would have competent IT staff.

And you'd think that the support staff would actually try to solve the problem, rather than always trying to find fault with the users - who invariably are not disconnected from other apps, nor even from battle.net.

Learn some basic server management!!!!!!!
I'm having these issues as well. No reason to play if we're not able to reliably act during our turns.
I've had the same problem. constant disconnects and my plan is simple. I'm going to play again tonight and (like I did with WoW years ago) if there are problems I'm going to delete the game and never play it again. Clearly if Blizzard doesn't care enough to make a game that works, I don't care to play it. I know they'll never read this ( nor care if they did) but my relaxing time shouldn't be filled with the frustration of crashed games.... Wish me luck... Or goodbye! :-)
Same problems here, only it's just after every turn 1 play... Maintenance was on the 19th iirc? Why are we still having issues then?
Been having the same problems as everyone on here, but you can request a refund if you contact customer services (at least that's what they did for me). I contacted them and received a call in about 10 mins and it was sorted.

I don't suffer any connection issues on any other game through the battlenet launcher, but HS disconnects frequently - normally when I am about to win a game and I am on my last couple of moves.

The fault is apparently at my end though (of course) and they don't receive enough reports of connection problems to indicate that it is something to do with their servers :/ They do take the time to try and sort it with you though, if you have the patience and haven't already gone bonkers.

I have more or less given up on it - good luck.
I have the same problem and really looks forwards for Bilzzard to respond.

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