MAC OSX 10.6.8 No Longer Supported Soon

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I sometimes use my 5 years old white macbook (pre-unibody) for Hearthstone. With the recent update to battle net client, there comes a pop up every time I launch the program saying 10.6.8 not supported, and I need to upgrade to 10.9 asap. The message also says 10.6.8 has entered End of Life, and that battle net client will continue to run for a limited time only.

I understand Blizz may not want to dedicate resources to maintain an old OS, but why disallow the entire program to be run on the old OS. You can simply put a disclaimer that your OS version is out of date and known issues/bugs will not be looked at, use at your own discretion etc.

This mac is still a great little machine, but this planned obsolescence companies do is bull$$$$.

If all else fails, is there a date when battle net will completely stop working on OSX 10.6.8? (Hope it's much later than Soon®)
I made a similar post a few hours back, and it's no longer here, much to my chagrin--hmpf, it's ended up in General Discussion it seems. There's no need to phase out compatibility with 10.6.8 at all, and Blizzard shouldn't do it. End of story.
I cant log in with my 10.6.8 Mac anymore. I think this is the end of playing HS! :(
Yep, goodbye hearthstone. It's been fun but my lil mac is still punching so I'm going to keep using it, Instead of buying a new one.

screw you blizzard
Hello fellow frustrated mac users! I have found a solution! At least it worked for me, as I used to use OS X 10.6.8

I updated my OS to a newer and free yosmite version and hearthstone is now working.

here is the link:

Good luck, I will open a new discussion to help others.

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