Still Disconnecting multiple times per day.

Mac Technical Support
My internet is working fine, but the game just stops working without notification. If it's my turn I can't play cards and if it's the enemy's I only know that I've disconnected because they say "hmm... what to do" three times and the rope isn't burning yet. If I quite Hearthstone AND, then restart it sometimes reconnects me to the game, but I'll miss one or two turns. I'm on a Macbook pro running OS X 10.6.8 (snow leopard).
I have this happen a fair amount - sometimes it recovers, sometimes it doesn't. It's like it doesn't know whose turn it is. I will also play cards and then the game will basically be frozen and I can't act anymore - the rope will eventually burn down and I never got to play again that turn.

I'm using OS X 10.9.3, so it doesn't appear to be OS version related.

Not only does this make it basically impossible to advance in ranked play, but obviously the game is not at all enjoyable in this condition. The play mechanism of this game is unbelievably simple, do we really need enormously buggy special graphics and animations that never seem to work?

Some fun screenshots of things that have happened to my client just in the last 5 minutes:

Those were both steady state - the second one left me in turn purgatory where it was never my turn and my opponent just got to play over and over until they killed me.

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