New decks suddenly unplayable...

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This is weird. Upon creating a new deck and attempting to go into either "Play" or "Practice", it will be crossed out and un-selectable for play--this, despite the fact it's an entirely legal deck of 30 cards. Closing the client and reopening it fixes that particular issue and makes the deck selectable, but, launching a game (either in "Play" or "Practice") results in the loading screens cycling indefinitely, and no game being launched, even after several minutes.

Selecting one of my existing decks works fine. And, strangely, playing one of my existing decks before playing one of my newly created ones results in the new one working perfectly as well. But as it stands, I can't even make a change to a deck without it getting crossed out and becoming un-selectable--which in turn, necessitates restarting, and playing as an old deck once, before it will become playable.

This is really silly, and I've only noticed it after the most recent patch went live.
Thanks for the bump. For whatever reason, returning to the game today saw the issue entirely resolved. That was very very strange though, I'd wager it warrants some looking at--something glitchy lurks in there somewhere.

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