Resolution wrong when re-entering fullscreen

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As a work around to the fact that Cmd+Tab doesn't work on the mac, I've been using the method of going from Fullscreen to Windowed and Back to fullscreen trick - but there's a problem.

When I start the game at native resolution in fullscreen (1920x1080) it looks great. When I go into windowed mode it looks great, but when I re-enter fullscreen, it looks terrible and squished. The options screen still says that the resolution is set at 1920x1080, but it's clearly squished. I have to set it to something else, and then set it back to 1920x1080 to get it to look right.

That means, in order to use alt tab, I have to start the game in fullscreen, switch to windowed mode, switch back to full screen, change the resolution, then change the resolution again. Eesh.
I am experiencing the same issues.

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