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Since we can't command+tab on fullscreen anymore, I've been using hearthstone on windowed mode for the past 3 months. Really used to it, running at 1920x1080. After Naxxramas patch there's a stupid bug that makes clicking things really annoying. Everything is like 2 inches away. For instance, if I want to click on "options", I gotta move down the cursor 2 inches, click the hearthstone board, then the option tab it will pop.

If I go back to fullscreen mode, that doesn't happen. In addition to that, if I try any other resolution on windowed mode, this issue doesn't appear.

Running the game on a late 2012 imac.
I second this. I am playing on a MacBook Pro and I started to experience the same issue - playing in windowed at highest resolution results in the game tracking the mouse cursor about 40 pixels above where it actually is, so in order to hit a button I have to aim lower - very annoying. This affects play area and UI alike. Unlike the thread starter, I cannot even invoke the menu by clicking in the right bottom corner button because the hit spot for that is actually outside the window, so clicking there makes game window lose focus (I can of course hit Esc).
Same here, if I want to click on something, I have to position the cursor about 20-30 pixels below where I actually want to click.

The bottom-right options cog is practically inaccessible because my cursor goes off the window entirely. There's like a 2-pixel spot of breathing room where I can click just above the bottom of the window, really annoying.

The camera seems to be positioned incorrectly.

Look at this screenshot for the Collections interface:

The top of the screen is getting chopped off.
On the title screen, everything's positioned too high as well.

OS X 10.9.4, retina MBP.

Here's the Quest Log screen, too high too:

Please fix :D?
Had same issue, I`ve set lower resolution (1280x1024) and everything is okay for now.
(MBA 2014)
I'm also having the same problem on a Retina MBP. Seems like the hitboxes for things are always set to 1024 x 784 even though the display resolution is different.

Also I use a scaled display which may play into it.

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