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On macs and iPads the game freezes then resumes when the countdown is running. Then is skips the next turn. This has been going on for weeks and is completely unacceptable. Fix your damn game. You seriously expect people to buy the game when you can't even make it work? You have horrible customer service so you'll probably ignore this bug. As long as you are making money, who cares right?
Yup, this has been happening to me for weeks too but in the past two days since I updated, it's been ridiculously horrible.

My posts from elsewhere on these forums below:

I'm pretty pissed right now because this has been atrocious on my computer since the patch. It was already sticky and bad occasionally before but this has reached new lows.

The main issue I have is that I'll be able to play a few things on my turn and then all of a sudden, the buttons will stick and I won't be able to play ANYTHING AT ALL until the countdown timer triggers, at which point *most of the time* I can play cards again. This happens on about 60% of my turns, often after I put down a creature or something with an effect - at which point it just stops for about a minute and then when the countdown timer goes off, that effect will come into play and it'll finally let me play.

It used to happen occasionally but not frequently enough to bother me that much. It's caused me problems in the past where I had to frantically do all my actions at the end (on top of sitting and waiting out each turn making the game atrociously slow) but the topper was today in the arena, when the same thing happened every turn - but on my last turn, when the countdown timer hit, it let me play one card and then it froze again all the way until the timer reached the end, essentially losing me the game because I couldn't play my cards.


So an update - I just switched to my iPad 2 to continue playing in the Arena. And of course, I lose a second game that I was easily winning (a full board of medium to big creatures on my end, full hand of cards, my opponent had no cards and two small creatures on the board) because the app crashes and then says it's reconnecting but never does. And when I finally get back in, it says I lost my last arena game.

Someone needs to get on some major fixes for the iPad AND the Mac (my Mac is a build-to-order iMac i7 from late 2010). I'd be more pissed if these were arena rounds that I had paid for (and for the record, I do spend $20-30 each month probably on arena).


And another update. Went back to the computer and the same thing as the first happened (game froze and stopped letting me play cards). Lost my arena run 3-3 due to this.

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