Lost 700 golds and Plague Quartet didnt open

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I pressed buy... my order is in Que... the entire day.. the authorisation screen is endless...
some gold came back... but not all...
My gold never came back and Plague Quarter is still locked :(
I was waiting over 30 minutes for authorizing the 2nd wing and hearthstone booted me out for inactivity. what do I do know?
07/31/2014 02:49 PMPosted by Pirta
I pressed buy... my order is in Que... the entire day.. the authorisation screen is endless...
same here but I got booted for inactivity after 30 minutes
I had about 1500 gold
now I bought the 2nd wing
but only 185 gold remain

can i expect my gold to be refund ?
Still cant buy naxx plague with gold.
stuck at blue wheel always
700g spent, wing still locked, in game shop stuck at Authenticating and my Order History page on battle net says Queued - (Order #172010890). Just updated the hotfix and still not working.
Still stuck at waiting for authentication after trying to purchase with gold 2 days ago
same for me :D
same for me :D
2 days now and still no refund or wing hs not yet been unlocked.

Question is; should we attempt to buy the wing again?

Will they give out a refund or will they activate wings to those who already completed the purchase?
They thought they fix this bug but they didnt.
I`m still having the same bug. Whenever I try to open the Plague Quarter, it opens the "waiting for Authorization" window, and it just stays like this and nothing happens.
Same here... i lost my 700g and Plague Quarter is still locked for me.
I still dont have my gold back and no access to the new wing :( i got ~1200 gold and everything is gone

Same problem here.
Im buying plague quarter 2 days ago,opened for me,but im paying 1400g.
Please check my order history and pls give back my lost 700g.

same problem :(
what should we do dear blizzard :| waiting or what?! :|
Still haven't got my money back after 3 days >:(
same lost 700 nothing do something please !@#$ing every 1 else has the new cards i got nothing but the old %^-* wtf like not happy

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