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I have to disagree on why they would like the posts to be in one area of the forums. Its just easier for them to manage all the issues if they dont have to go all over the forums looking for them. Having said that, the launching of each wing has been almost pathetic thus far. Not because of the technically correct but dishonest release date, but the issues theyve been having with each new wing getting released
11:59? had no brain? i'm not a shopping
Releae times don't really matter when a large percentage of people won't get in because of bugs. They might as well say it releases on Friday. I hope I'm wrong....
Asia already opened.
Like last week, Amaz will play in asia and we can just only watch that. after that, we must wait 15 hours.
I am not buying anything... for two reasons

I dont have the gold... they already took all of it last time

I dont even have access to second quarter

week of gaming down the drain...looking at ppl play loatheb while i lose the game...great!

THis issue kind of killed the game for me
First off I would like to thank you for responding to me with a legitimate answer which is unfortunately hard to come across. But what im also trying to say is that because of the fact it will be released at 3am why is it such a big deal? Isnt the logical thing to do is go to sleep and play it when you wake up or whenever you can the next day. To avoid lag?
People are using the excuse that other countries getting the cards first puts them at a disadvantage, but how? You can choose not to go on multiplayer untill you have completed the wing.
This is different to the fact that americans get Tv shows and other games earlier then Britain etc because within the first 12 hours spoilers about what had come out in america and not britain are all over the internet etc which the same can not be said for something like a hearthstone update since there is no "spoilers" to ruin"

And your calling me a silly ewe
Sorry but i suggest you read comments on this forums page before you can justify me being the worst person to be called that here.
08/04/2014 07:54 PMPosted by Duke
Eastern Coast players are unfairly punished from this. 3AM On Wensday? really Blizz?

Somebody is always unfairly punished by timings. This is a global game.
Hello, I guess I played too much COD Ghosts, because I have an error no one can see, or had even heard of as a real thing:

I was charged 925 gold for the curse of naxx. I know it looks like 700 to you which leaves me to wonder what happened to the 225 gold, you obviously have no way of granting it back to me currently...seems like it slipped into a hellish abyss cause we cannot get it back. Um specifically I was troubleshooting the problems I was running into with the Plague authorization, and lagging wait times through reboots and just leaving the game and coming back 20-40 minutes later when there was less traffic.

So officially I was charged 700 gold for Plague Quarter, good job, I played/love it and can't wait to build an actual heroic deck...ta da. But, for some reason no one knows what happened to what should have been the remainder of my gold (225 gold). It legitimately disapeared and is the first problem I have had with the game, maybe besides legendary decks at high ranks...they're trouble.

Just so you know, it makes me look bad to not be ready for this quarter only because I wanted it and found a way to do it before I earned 225 gold and lost it somehow at the Plague Quarter buy. I am seriously explaining as best I can with this situation, a rep told me to report a bug and I think this is how...maybe not though. It happened 1 hour after the plauge quarter opened...or before that but no longer than a hour....I don't have a screenshot, but I wish I did...

Remember my 225 gold is just seriously gone, and I have no idea where it went or how to get it new plan is to just take it slower and buy the wings when I am now ready as I am behind my original progress's schedule.
08/05/2014 09:20 AMPosted by Glorfindel
08/04/2014 07:54 PMPosted by Duke
Eastern Coast players are unfairly punished from this. 3AM On Wensday? really Blizz?

Somebody is always unfairly punished by timings. This is a global game.

You're right how foolish of me to expect a timely release for this clearly Asian region game...oh wait...
Blizzard should consider releasing the american servers sooner so its actually out on the tuesday for us instead of wednesday at 3 am. Yes it isnt that big of a deal but that we have to wait that long, but then it shouldnt be a big deal if it starts sooner for us so we actually get it on the day advertised.
08/05/2014 08:34 AMPosted by Gurthang

Ya know, if we here in the U.S. didn't actually MAKE the games, shows, etc. that you mention, it WOULD be a valid criticism. BUT, the majority of the $ sales are from here, the company is here, and deceiving people to think that the new content will be playable on Tuesdays is rotten business etiquette.

I'll have to stop you right there. Blizzard never said this game would be released every Tuesday. Prior to announcing the actual release date, they've only ever said it would be released "weekly". Weekly does not mean a certain day of the week, it does not mean a certain time of day in a certain time zone, and it does not even mean exactly 7 days apart.

They never led anyone to believe otherwise. Now of course that doesn't stop anyone from making false assumptions... and then... behaving as you have... when their assumptions prove to be incorrect.

Source 1

Curse of Naxxramas goes live in the Americas region for Windows®, Mac®, and iPad® on Tuesday, July 22, starting with the Arachnid Quarter, the first of five creepy wings that will be released weekly after the gates are opened.

Source 2

Every week, a new Naxxramas wing will become available for players to experience.
08/05/2014 10:24 AMPosted by Sarkoth
08/05/2014 09:20 AMPosted by Glorfindel

Somebody is always unfairly punished by timings. This is a global game.

You're right how foolish of me to expect a timely release for this clearly Asian region game...oh wait...

ahahah! well said!

I just feel snubbed as an American player. The fact that the avg day shifter / student in Asia is granted normal access to content when they get home from work / school. But in the states.. .it's midnight - 3 am?!?! That's just awesome!

Then all these silly contrarian trolls come out saying we should all be happy Blizzard is releasing content at all. They are sticking to their weekly schedule. BE HAPPY! No. We wont be. It's not that folks are angry. It just feels wrong.

I'm an old man. I've played everything blizzard has released when it was released since they were making SNES games. A lot has changed. Piss on the little guy back home in The States! If the game is big in Asia it gets a pro circuit!

I can no longer stay up until 3 am and get to the office at a decent hour. QQ TT WAH WAH WAH!! Yes I'm crying about it. I will be all day at work tomorrow. Then I'll get home all excited... to a crashed server. Right?
man, got me all excited thinking it was before noon for some reason

really weird way to do this, why not just make it a nice experience

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