Random game freezes

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I'm having the same issue today, after the update the game started to freeze for 10 seconds every 2 minutes. I retried to re-installed but the problem continues. It's very annoying to play like this.
I'm on Windows 8.0 x64.
So I know I said everything was working fine, but I was in Fullscreen mode.

After setting the game to Windowed Mode and minimizing or tabbing the game, it crashes Windows Explorer.

For anyone else affected by this, I would suggest turning on Fullscreen Mode and don't try to Alt+Tab because that's what's causing the issue I think.
Same here, indeed Remote Procedure Call (RPC) is causing the issue. Every 3-4 min the Hearthstone process is going to 0% CPU, while the RPC is going up. Hearthstone locks-up for ~20-40s. Makes the game unplayable.

Windows 8.0 x64
Wonder if its a windows 8 x64 problem?

I'm on windows 8.0 x64.
I'm having the same problem. Only started after the most patch. Windows 8.0
Windows 8 X64 problems.! come on, they dont even test patches anymore. lol fix the freezze
Win 8 x64 Same as all above. Started tonight. Two machines same problem same system.
Same as all above. Started today with the patch; was working good with no problems yesterday.

Win 8 x64
GTX-670, 340.52 driver.
The important things we're looking for is
    Win8 v Win8.1
    Video Card
Happening to me too, so so very annoying
Windows 8 / 64 Bit - Nvideo Geforce 740M (Mobile) / Driver 326.83
Update to my spec:

OS: Windows 8 Pro 64bit
CPU: 3770k i7
Video Card: Gigabit GeForce GTX 660TI
Driver: Nvidia 340.52
Update to my spec:

OS: Windows 8 64bit
CPU: 4670k i5
Video Card: GTX 770 OC Nvidia

Is my computer too crap to handle Hearthstone?
I got it working.
Made it windows mode and graphics to medium. it stopped doing it.
Same issues of random game freezing.

Windows 8
x 64-bit
AMD E1-1200 APU with Radeon HD Graphics 1.4 GHz
(AMD Radeon HD 7300 Series Graphics)
Driver ver. 8.982.7.0 (8/8/2012)

I know, I know, it's an out-of-date driver, but it works better than the updated which disables the brightness control on the display.
OS: Windows 64bit
CPU: 3630QM i7
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 675M

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