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im currently stuck on waiting for authorization, i usally buy packs and im never This stuck on WFA , usally its only for 2 mins and then it acepts the payment but its been over 30 mins close to 40 mins stuck on waiting for authorization for 15 packs this is really annoying and it looks like it wil never end !!
Same problem to me.
Same here .. some help after days and hotfixes that didnt really work out would be nice.
Same (for my friend), he's been stuck in waiting for authorization for about 8 hours now (40 packs purchase)
Bump, same problem for me on the purchase of a arena ticket.

Any help?
Bump. Same problem tried to buy 2 packs over 12 hours ago, hopefully this will get the attention of tech support soon. TAKE MY MONEY!
Same here. Tried to buy an Arena run. Stuck since yesterday.
same here with me bought 15 packs got stuck, 30 mins before that i bought 40 packs and all went smooth
I am stuck in the same position. I attempted to purchase 40 packs last night (~13 hours ago) from my PC and the "Shop" section of Hearthstone has been stuck on the spinning "Waiting for Authorization" loop ever since :-(

I have exited Hearthstone and the application and restarted to find the same issue. I have switched to my iPad and when I open the Shop it shows the same "Waiting for Authorization" loop.

Some feedback from Blizzard on this thread would be greatly appreciated!
Same Problem... I feel like Blizz doesn't want to take my money.

I'd love to read something official about it!
*** Update from Blizzard (via my support ticket) ***

All - I still have this problem, the whole Hearthstone Shop is locked and just stuck on "Waiting for Authorization" loop. However I opened a support ticket and received the below response, so hopefully this will be fixed soon. I'm posting this in case others haven't opened a ticket and received this info:


What you described sadly is a very common issue with Paypal customers at the moment.

Paypal had issues with their payment authorization during the time you had tried to make your order. That means we got your order but paypal never confirmed your payment and it got stuck.

Paypal has already fixed that on their side now and we have forwarded this to our technical support team for you so they can remove the "''waiting for authorization'' part from your account for you as fast as possible.


Gamemaster Limandrelle

English Game Master Team
Blizzard Europe"
I don't use paypal, but since the moment i attempted to purchase The Plague Quarter (on it's launch day) with in-game gold, I have been unable to make ANY purchases.

It's been two weeks, and I can not purchase ANY of the Naxx wings.
I can not purchase any expert packs.

...and I can not play ANY arena :(

The most help from blizzard I've had so far is:

"Hey there,

Game Master Nibynoqq here. I'm just getting back to you regarding your issue you submitted about your Hearthstone purchases.

First of all, apologies for the wait time. I hope you're having a great day so far. :)

I checked out your issue for you and the Hearthstone developers are still looking into the issues witht he Plague Quarter.
Keep an eye on for any updates as we will post there as soon as we have more news.

Take care."

Waiting for authorization... Nasty xD
Still stuck...
I'm also still stuck... 32 hours now.
Omg why can't they fix this???
Bump, still stuck after trying to buy an arena ticket. Can't purchase anything !
**** Another "update" from Blizzard ***

I am still stuck.

I chased Blizzard and received this update, not really helpful and I don't understand it as I have never had a Paypal payment declined. Points to an issue with the integration between store and Paypal, but still no indication on when it will be fixed :-(

Here is the full update:

"My name is Raunanon, and I wanted to check into this issue as quickly as I could, to see if there was anything I could do with an ongoing payment with PayPal on the shop.

I had a look here and see theres sadly no time mentioned to us when this will be fixed. It will most likely be an automatic change and I would check soon.

From what I can see, it looks like the payment which was made through Paypal was declined and when the shop is available again you can have another try.

I hope this helps and if you need anything else, you know where to find us!"
FIX THIS!!!!! I can't believe this isn't fixed yet.

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