Hearthstone Community Roundup - August 8th

Community Discussion
Searching for the latest in Hearthstone news or for a video of a recent Hearthstone tournament you missed? We’ve got the latest in community-created video and podcast content right here for your viewing pleasure! Don’t miss a second of the funny moments, epic plays and high level Hearthstone games featured below!

Have a reoccurring, non-tutorial video series you want to share with the community in our weekly Hearthstone Community Roundup post? Send an email to zeriyah@blizzard.com with a link to your stuff!


The Angry Chicken Podcast – Episode #40 – “Plagued”

HearthPro Podcast – Episode #41 – “Ode to Robert – The Final Countdown”

A Worthy Opponent – Episode #39 - ”Yes Virginia, There IS a Plague Quarter”

Turn 2 Podcast – Episode #31 – “Alchemixt”

Legend of the Innkeeper – Episode #6 – "Problems Plague the Plague Quarter"


Jotto’s Hearthstone Weekly Show – Episode #59 – “Overview On The Plague Quarter”

Value Town – Episode #41 - “ChanManV, Trump, and Amaz”

FailCraft – Hearthstone Half Hour Episode #95 – “Control Paladin Deck Guide/Introduction!”

BlizzPro Hearthstone Power Hour – “Military Quarter, Class Challenges, and Shaman Foolery!”

DKMR Round Up - Episode #10

Epic Moments!

2pPressStart – Episode #31 – “Top 5 Plays of the Week”

HearthTrolden – Episode #58 – “Funny and Lucky Moments”

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