My account got reset after relogging Help

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So I made a new deck to 1v1 my friend, as usual my deck didn't update so I decided to relog so everything would update (this is a typical occurrence), except this time when I joined back into Hearthstone I had no friends except for a friend request from some random person and I had to redo the tutorial. EVERYTHING IS GONE?!

Help me please!
It sounds like you've logged into a different region.

I'm curious though what you mean by 'as usual my deck didn't update'?

I glanced at your account and I see you recently logged in to the Europe realms where it started a new account. Try logging out of the game and selecting the Americas region to access your account.

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Recently, my laptop crashed, completely. thus i downloaded the app on another laptop, used the same account, in ALL 3 REGIONS, and have lost all of my progress in all 3 regions (Most notably EU server).
Please dont tell me that im in the wrong server, im not.
Your collection is account and region specific. So if you've checked all three regions and don't see your collection then you've logged in to the wrong account.

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