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Previously, I played Hearthstone on a Windows 7 machine with no problems. After changing to a Windows 8.1 laptop, I faced this problem:

After closing Hearthstone, my computer would appear normal. However, the moment I click something, whether it is a tab in Chrome or an icon on my desktop or expanding my taskbar to right-click the Battlenet icon to exit it, my entire laptop would hang.

To be more specific, the program I clicked on would hang. If I clicked Chrome after closing Hearthstone, Chrome would hang and stop responding. Subsequently, if I attempt to click my desktop, Windows Explorer would hang and stop responding. In some cases, my computer hangs for maybe 5 entire minutes, by when I would lose my patience and force-shut-down so I don't know if it would ever stop hanging.

It could be something else in my laptop, but for now the upgrade to Windows 8.1 seems to be the most prominent. For other specs on my laptop, refer to the specfiications of Asus G56JR listed here:

- Asus G56JR-CN260H Gaming Series 15.6" Laptop/ Notebook
- Intel® Core™ i5-4200U-1.6GHz
- NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 760M
- Windows 8.1 64-bit

Other than these specs, my laptop also had its RAM upgraded by 4GB to be a total of 8GB, so it could have been a faulty RAM installation.

It could also be me clicking on other applications too quickly when Hearthstone hasn't fully closed. I will try waiting for a minute after closing Hearthstone before doing anything on my laptop when I have the chance.

EDIT: It seems that the best fix for this is setting compatibility mode to Windows 7.
Yup. There's a sticky about it.

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