hearthstone crashed while opening a pack

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I had 2 rares, one epic and one legendary in this pack, got excited and decided to record opening the pack using shadowplay software, after I switched back to windows and started shadowplay I was unable to return back to hearthstone and the game crashed! Never saw that pack after returning, what happened to my cards?
The very instant you 'release' the pack to be opened over that sphere area all the cards move to your collection. Everything after that, them floating, your highlight over them, flipping them over, etc., is all stuff done 'after the fact' by your client. Any new cards will have the new card flag in your collection, while any duplicates will have been put in the auto-disenchant pile. You never have to worry about losing cards mid-opening. :)
What would happen if you are mid picking it up from the pile to the rectangular area and then you crashed?
If you didn't 'drop it' to have it open I'd think it would still be in the unopened stack.

In a similar fashion that's just rendering on the client. As far as I've seen it act from messing around with it the 'open this pack' signal isn't sent to the server until you let it go 'in the right spot'. From what I recall 'letting it go' in the wrong spot just puts it back in the unopened pile.

Remember, with this stuff the internet is basically a flat 'yes/no' system. Just like with a card, until you 'let it go in the right spot' everything you are seeing in terms of moving it around is on your client. There is no 'yes do this' signal sent to the game server. :)

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