Can't use same account on iPad as on computer?

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It seems that on my PC my battle tag is something like xBobz#2194 but on the iPad it's xBobz#1558, which is my actual account battle tag. I log in using the same email for both devices and the same region but they end up with two different accounts. Is this expected or have I done something wrong? Can I not play on the same account on the iPad as PC?
It's not possible to have two different BattleTags on the same account so despite your claim, you are indeed logging in with two different accounts(email addresses).

You have two accounts.

One is with, the other with (EU account)

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Aha you made me realise that my actual hearthstone account was on my email even though I thought I was using .com. I didn't even know my email existed! Anyway thanks a lot for your

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