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Hello everyone,

I challenged my friend to a casual game and right before the loading screen we lost synchronization, where I loaded into the game and he was back into the main menu. I exit the client and reopen it but I keep reconnecting to the frozen game.

I tried looking up similar threads but they all suggest you to click 'exit' button during the reconnecting feature load screen but this only exits me out of the client.

Is there anyway to fix this issue?

Kind regards
I have this problem constantly in the arena, ranked games, and casual games where half way through it will freeze...
This problem should self-resolve after a short while (any time between a few minutes and an hour.) If you've logged out of Hearthstone and the desktop app for longer than that, and tried shutting off and restarting both your router and modem, you might want to try the old workaround.

Try logging in to a different region and going through the tutorial and playing at least one game in casual or ranked. After that try returning to your home region. This appears to be an account based issue, and what I'm guessing is happening is that the match record is getting 'stuck' in one match. I would think that replacing that record with a new record could possibly fix it. If it doesn't I'd recommend making a ticket.
I have the same issue.

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