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Can you fix your mobile app on iOS? People have not been able to log in for months now , absolutely unacceptable. I dump money into your game and can’t even log in to play? Fix this
Affecting every single person I know with an iPhone or IOS device. Unable to play for months now. Please please resolve this. Thank you.
so I reset my user options but the middle of the screen I still pink and the edges are now black

How could I possibly fix this
Trying to run on my iPad. I got to the point of logging in but after doing so my game crashes and I cannot get past the initial loading screen after that.
i have playd the game for some years Now aNd your sayiNg that i have to iNstall the game agaiN.
hey! im newest and i have some problem with my level , i get 20+ lvl on my phone, but on desktop i started from begining, maybe some one can help me, or redirect7
I have encountered a number of problems with the game on my Android phone. Initially, I had problems with going to the shop and buying a ticket for arena, and had brought this up in Reddit but no one seemed to be able to solve my problem so I decided to uninstall and reinstall Hearthstone. However, upon doing so, I had to redo the tutorials again, indicating that my progress in Hearthstone has disappeared. I am halfway into the tutorials but I am unsure if I should continue to complete them to get back my account. What should I do to get back my account and my progress along with it?

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