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I'm trying to connect but I just keep getting the Error: BLZBNTBGS80000021 (3003) message. I"ve tried several times already to restart, log out and log back in, renew my dchp lease, flush the dns cache, turn wifi on and off etc with no luck. Any suggestions?
Hey collegewar, just to confirm what we've tried so far, you've already tried these steps, right?

Do you have any security applications installed? Or is Firewall enabled? If Firewall is on, let's make sure signed applications are approved and Hearthstone and the App are added to the Global Allow.

Let's also double-check your proxy settings. Give those a shot and let me know if you're able to connect. If that doesn't do it, let me know more about your network connection:

Wired or Wireless:
Make/Model of Router:
Make/Model of Modem:
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I bought a mac 2 days ago and I got the same problem. I could not connect to battlenet, the same error as above. Can you help me , I tried all the things you said , still not working
I can't connect too. New laptop, windows 8.1, tried all your suggestions, and cannot connect.
After i enter my id and pw i click log in and blizzard logo keeps spinning and after a while i get: BLZBNTBGS80000011 (3005)

"Error 3000 - 3999

If your error code includes additional numbers between (3000) and (3999), is likely in maintenance. Check for breaking news on the login screen or follow @BlizzardCS on Twitter for service updates."

I dont believe maintenance runs for 12h continously.
Im in the same boat. Please help blizzard
I have a bigger problem .. when i try to startup Hearthstone or HoS, the icon just appears in the icon tray ... not even in the start bar(using Windos 7 btw).
Nothing happens after that and i can just right click it and exit. That is also the only option that i have once i've right clicked it.
Not really sure what is happening since i have a steady internet connection and i managed to play from an 3g stick connection on the same laptop just a few days ago.
I tried everything you recommended above and i even reinstalled and HS.
Please get me out of this mess somehow :)
Same problem, wont go online
same problem, can't go online on Tried all the steps. Using windows 7. Can play from my phone np.
Same here, 2 days trying and nothing. Please help us.
Omg I have the same problem. Problem 3005. Pls halp
confrimed have same issue
I have the same problem, and when finaly my battle net launcher goes on it can only start in offline mode, and i can't connect to my account
Same problem here!
Yeah I just got my new PC set up and I'm having the same issue.
Same problem here too very annoying.
I got disconnected tonight and that problem occurred afterwards.
same here, cant go online. Using Windows 7 aswell...
cant connect 8
hello, same problem here. can t connet with ma PC ( win 7 ) . I can connect and play HS via my TABLET using the same internet connection
anybody got connected already? I tried a lot of things . Didn t help... Looks like it s Blizzards issue.

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