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I would like to know what is this new rager ? It's like the old well-known one, just added 1 hp to it. It seems like a copy of the old one, even in the name with a minimal difference, avoiding to be a duplicate.
I don't know how many people are using the old Magma Rager these days, though I can see that it will become totally useless with this new update, because the Ice Rager beats him...

Though the fact that is disturbing me is that it looks like a copy of the other one, so why is considered a new card... also the creator of the card seem that he had no originality copying even the "Rager"

My hint would be a change of the Ice Rager into a 4/2 maybe or 3/1 for 2 mana ... or something to make both minions worth to use at least in 1% (it's a rarely minion even now the rager, what will happen if the new Ice rager comes in? It will replace it and the Magma rager will be a goner? )

Hope that this thing won't stay as it seems to go.

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P.S. : I know the feelings of the Magma Rager, well at least I feel it... and I was watching the card list when I found them. I just thought : "Poor little rager. No one will play with you from now on. You will be replaced by the other one."
It's Blizzard's way of joking about the Magma Rager being bad (they're actually ok with having a couple of bad cards in the game, it makes a distinction of what a good card is)

But it's also part of the power creep, just like Heckler vs Booty Bay Bodyguard.
I feel as if the creep is slightly faster than it should, especially with new mechanics being introduced each expansion and it's especially unfortunate that both these new cards creep over Shaman levelling rewards.

Noxxious made a 11min video talking about it, as well as making a short video showcasing a better Ice Rager, namely a 1/5 (equally bad, but counters Magma Rager!)
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