Tavern Brawl cards not working

Bug Report
I played a Gadgetzan Jouster, which is supposed to have both players reveal a minion, and if mine is higher, the card gets +1/+1. Although there was a "special effect", the cards did not reveal. I shrugged it off, since I only had a 50/50 shot anyway. But then my opponent played a Deathlord (2/8 with taunt). This meant that if I killed it I would get a minion from my deck added to the battlefield. Instead, I got another "special effect", but no minion. I wondered if this was just a Tavern Brawl glitch, so I played in Play mode and put out the Deathlord, and it worked. I have a Quest to win 5 Tavern Brawls, so I hope this is fixed soon, as it makes a big difference in strategy.
you're not alone this has happened to me too. I think it's a big annoying glitch mainly the tournament cards.
*Facepalm* If you're reffering to the current tavern brawl, BOTH, those cards effect only ones DECK. The joust mechanic works only on cards in you and your opponents deck, and both you and your opponent have 0 minions, just spells. The only circumstance you could have minions in your deck in this brawl, is with Malorne, and Gang up. Deathlord pulls a random minion from your deck. Once again, your deck is ALL spells. No bug, just pay attention mah friend. *tips hat*

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