Wacom tablet pen support has been removed with patch 3.1.010357

Mobile Bug Report
I am a person with disabilities and have enjoyed playing hearthstone using my Wacom tablet (Intuos Pro series) ever since the closed beta which I was excited to be apart of. I was able to play this afternoon using my tablet but ever since the patch 3.1.010357 that has been released today (9/29/2015) I have been unable to use my tablet pen input to play. The tablet and pen work fine in all other apps I have installed. Just not hearthstone. It won't register a click event within the game. My mouse input works fine, but as I said I have a disability and the tablet is much much comfortable for me to use.

I am using the Wacom driver version 6.314-1 for Windows and always update to the latest one right away.

I know your development team uses Wacom tablets. Think you can take a look?

I'm having the same problem.

Not sure about my driver version, but I'm also using a Wacom tablet (I believe an Intuos 4)

I hope you can fix this...
Same problem. I just bought a Lenovo LT1423 (USB monitor with touch & Wacom digitizers) a couple of weeks ago, and have loved using my Wacom stylus to play. Last night, all that changed ;_; Please re-enable Wacom pen support somehow!
I have the same issue with my Wacom Intuos 4, running driver 6.1.6-7. Works great with everything except Hearthstone since the patch. Since playing with a mouse is a real hassle for me, this issue really makes Hearthstone much less enjoyable to play for me.
same problem on cintinq
Same problem on walcom bamboo tablet, been using this tablet for hearthstone for about a year now, suddenly not working!
same issue here, i don't even own a mouse so it'd be nice to have a fix. windows 8, wacom bamboo CTH-470.
I think this is the same issue I am having with my Surface PRO, because it uses the Wacom touchscreen technology.
I'm having the same problem with wacom bamboo tablet. Just like Hondo, I also have a disability and it would make it considerably easier to play Hearthstone if this problem was fixed.
I hope this gets fixed by the next patch. It's good to know a great many people use Wacom products to play Hearthstone. Maybe they will take more notice. :D Otherwise, Hearthsone might lose quite a few players. :'( I just got Malygos too!
I've got the same problem with a wacom tablet. Cannot play with pen. Only if I use a normal mouse. Please try to fix it. Thanks!
Same problem here, this was the answer we got...
Hello Sungre,
Hello Sungre,

I'm afraid this is outside the scope of support we can provide for the game.

I recommend you contact the manufacturer of your mouse pen for further assistance.

How's my driving? Let me know! <a href="https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/Hagut

That "sorry we can't help you" is unacceptable. They clearly broke something as all people with Wacoms can no longer use the game.

I have a first generation Bamboo tablet running on Windows 8.1 (also Vista) and it worked fine until this patch.

Blizzard, please!
+1, except I am using a Surface Pro 3. The touchpad on my keyboard works fine, if I use my finger on the touch screen it also works fine. But if I use my Surface Pen, it still moves the mouse around the screen, but cannot click anymore. This just started happening directly after patching, and the pen still works perfectly fine on every other application. Just can't "click" by tapping it on the screen in Hearthstone..
I just played an hour of Diablo 3 with my Wacom tablet and pen....It worked perfectly. It's totally a problem with Hearthstone, not the manufacturer of the pen.
C'mon Blizz, for someone who played this game every day this 'bug' is really annoying.
blizzard, please fix this. Win10 intuos pro

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