Hearthstone on Mac blurry for everyone

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Everyone i've talked to has this on mac since the switch to unity 5.

it's a fixable bug but blizzard won't acknowledge or fix it. (like almost all mac bugs)

how to fix it yourself: after the game starts go to settings and select and choose the already set resolution. you have to do this every time you start hearthstone.

the difference: http://imgur.com/mn7UQE2
(click on the picture to see it in 100% size)
still not fixed in 4.0

didn't expect it either.
still not fixed in todays 4.1 patch.

no surprise. mac bugs are forever and there is nowhere mac users can turn to.
I have the same problem happening
Everybody has this problem... that's the point. But Blizzard is probably too busy counting their money have any of the Mac bugs fixed.
For me the screen is not so much blurry as it is squished. My client also keeps trying to open in windowed mode (which I've never used, don't know why it's doing this) with black borders along the right and bottom edges. The only way to fix that problem is to quit and retry. I almost invariably have one problem or the other; I think my Hearthstone client has launched maybe twice in the past few months without having some kind of window/resolution issue.
i found a simpler solution than setting the resolution with the settings.

just press command-F twice.

this makes it go out of full screen and back again and makes the graphics 1:1 sharp.

still has to be done every single time.
It´s not even possible to play it on a MacBook because it runs hot in not time. It´s poorly programmed I guess because there are no issues on the iPad Air regarding heat despite being much slower machine.
still the same issue in 4.2

not that anyone cares.
not resolved in 5.0

ben brode on his latest twitch stream:

"The size of the team doesn't matter, but our quality assurance team is of high quality". Ben Brode himself worked in Quality Assurance 13 years ago, so he has "like, mad respect for the folks over there".
When I play Hearthstone on my Macbook Pro Retina 13", I move the dock to the left side of the screen, then set HS to windowed mode and re-select 720p to make sure its the right proportion. That seems to be the clearest the game can be.
since the 5.2 update it is no longer possible to fix the blurriness with pressing cmd-f twice. now we must go into the settings and select the resolution (that is already set) to make the game sharp again. horrible.
they will never fix this.

no one from blizzard looks at this forum section.
no blue posts here since forever.
no way for mac bugs to be reported.
no one at blizzard uses the mac client.
Hello, I have the same issue, at every start I change the resolution (set by default on 1920x1200) because the game is too much stretched (I change it to 1920x1200 again for fixing this, but going in and out of fullscreen mode works too), I have this issue on my MacBook Pro (Retina Mid-2012) and on the MacBook Pro (Late-2008) of my girlfriend. Repair tool don't work and a clean install of the Mac or of Hearthstone don't change anything...

We need a fix, we have this issue for more than 1 year.

Thank you in advance Blizzard :)

(Sorry for my english, I'm from Belgium)
BUMP! The same problem on my MBP Mid 2010 on fullscreen 1280x800 resolution
me too, after running the game for 1.5 hours , this will definitely happen.This is strong affect gaming experience.please find ways to solve it.
2 major issues..

1. Game runs at high CPU utilization
2. Resolution is not 1:1

It's not that there are many things to fix, so why don't you comment on these two isolated issues and do something about it for your game friends blizzard?

Came in here to see if there was a way to fix this and was shocked to see that this problem has persisted for coming up on two years? LOL!

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