new brawl is awesome... but has anyone killed him?

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11/04/2015 03:12 PMPosted by EklyM
Very cool brawl, fun, unique, but sooooo hard. My "opponents" don't seem to get what strategy is needed in order to beat him. They keep attacking him with their 1/1 minions. I've played about fifteen games and only ever gotten him below 20 twice. Both of those times, we would have won on the next player's turn if the boss didn't do any damage to either hero. Very frustrating, but kind of enjoyable. It sucks knowing you're going to lose though, based on the other player's actions.

It's a lot more fun with friends. Being able to communicate means things like using Millhouse to stack 4 cards worth of buffs on Icehowl.
This brawl has to be my favorite one to date, though you need to lineup plays with your partner I've been lucky to say the least, currently at 9 out 10 wins. If you can combo Cho and Millhouse you pretty much have the game won. Its a matter of outputting constant threats and not flooding board to 7 minions.
11/04/2015 03:22 PMPosted by saffiroth
had 2 ppl concede wtf?

It's acceptable to have a teammate concede midway through a match, when it looks hopeless for the both of us. But to have a teammate, in two separate matches, concede just as we were on the verge of winning... !

The first time this happened, I figured maybe the teammate had done it unintentionally or unknowingly. But the second time, with a different teammate, it was clearly intentional – and the intent was clearly to be a troll with me. That is, the teammate was evidently experienced, for it had been a long, arduous battle and we had cooperated knowingly and flawlessly up to that point. But just as I was about to finally deliver the killing blow to our mutual enemy with one of my minions, my teammate conceded, screwing both of us out of the victory. I was astonished, but I bet that jerk-teammate found it pretty amusing.
I LOVE this brawl...just wish I could earn gold from it. (Still having that ongoing issue). I have won 5 so far. I too, have had folks concede..but they did so almost immediately...are those the "bots" people keep talking about on the forums?

Love the brawl, but I do feel bad that whoever I win with probably also can't get gold. I am thinking I will have to start just doing the brawl for one win to get the pack and then stop so I don't mess the fun up for others.

Anyway, I have only experienced three sets of brawl rules, but so far this one is totally my favorite. So much fun and so satisfying to beat that twerp! I hope they do more like this one.
Only did the brawl once so far for my card pack. It's definitely an interesting fight as it's the first co-op in the game. Something new and fresh.
i also won a game

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