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I, for one, found ONE of the lines that might help other solve some of their black screen problems. For me though, it didn't really work out smoothly.

I get a glitchy look in the intro screen and thats preatty much it. tried working my way through some menus etc etc....(Elite.Tauren.Cheiftain.? nah)

BUT It may just work for others with the same issue.

just go into settings, tick off the "Additional command line argument" box and copy paste the next line into the textbox.


Hopefully this will help out others with the same issue.

PS: I found this due to having the same issue with another game, so I figured I'd try it, and well... it kinda worked... right?

PSS: Blizz should really come forth with the proper line for this, instead of trying to fix what aint broken to begin with.
I'm not sure what you mean by "black screen problem". Clicking to see your other posts I don't see anything, so I'm not sure to what you are referring and wonder if your drivers are up to date. Having a dxdiag file and referencing what it is you are talking about might find another solution.
Black screen problem, as in: the game works, but the screen is completely black, thats all.

My drivers are up to date, besides! had the same issue with another game and figured I'd try the same code, and it worked... sort of.... about 55% of the screen was pink due to visual glitches, but it was still better than no visuals at all, at least i could run around the menus and stuff, allthough i couldn't read anything due to texture glitches.

Assuming a small tweak in the code will fix this small issue, but I'm not one to sit and figure such things out by myself, as I have no such technical insight.
Black and pink screens denote a (graphic) driver issue or hardware incompatibility. Again, a dxdiag would help to check the things.

Click the start for Windows, type dxdiag, run the tool, then 'save all information' and copy and paste that into a post.
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