RAINBOW CRASH - beware Mac users

Mac Technical Support
If you are a mac user and considering downloading this game, please be aware of the following before investing any money:

If you use the following:

  • Yosemite
  • Retina display
  • 1hour+ of continuous gameplay

Then it is very likely the game will crash and you will often lose your battle even if you're able to force quit and restart in time.

Bear in mind it is quite possible (especially in tavern brawl) for games to last 15 mins plus, so that may mean 1 in every 5 games you will lose without a choice. Not cool.

This has been happening since at least August 2015, possibly even earlier than that, but my point is that there has been no less than 4 patches since then and still no resolution and in some forums users have even posted that they contacted support who told them that:

Blizzard don't really support Mac

Blizzard if you're listening the details are pretty consistent:

  • Yosemite
  • Retina display
  • 1hour+ of continuous gameplay
  • Rainbow starts and then game freezes
  • Game can often be force quit and restarted
  • Players are OFTEN lose their games as a result of this glitch

Please, please, please, please, please try the game using these details and make a note of what's happening in the software when this happens? I know it's only a small amount of dev for a small amount of users but surely the in app purchases you're losing by not fixing this (not to mention converting any new iOS users to the game) will more than make up for the time spent.

This is not the Blizzard I know and that I've loved since first playing Rock 'n' Roll racing on the SNES and later Warcraft (PC), Warcraft 2 (PC & PS2), Warcraft 3 (PC), Diabolo (PC), Starcraft (PC and Mac) and Starcraft 2 (Mac). You're losing valued customers who have been loyal to you for decades now, long before WoW gave you a stable income stream so you could take things to the next level.
This has been the norm since launch, they have not fixed it.

To increase the problem, once you crash at the present state of servers, you are unlikely to reconnect; quite an amazing experience really.
Agreed. Now I prefer to play on my phone since Blizzard didn't even attempt to fix the bug. I have been having this issue since I play HS! Mine is El captain rather than Yosemite though.
It also happens consistently on macbook airs, not just retina
More like beware Mac users, blizzard dont care about you and only like the windows customers.
If your running a retina which are all late models any reason to not update to El capitan?
How can this *still* be an issue? It's been over a year. Constant rainbow crashes on MB Air. Losing ranked games due to !@#$ty programming feelsbadman. Oh, and I have the exact same issue on my Samsung S6 Galaxy.
Honestly I don't understand why they don't address this. I have a new MBP running El Capitan and the same thing happens every hour. Just lost a ranked match because of it. This has been going on for at least a year.

Someone should really look into this. It's a problematic recurring bug.

I assume that since there is a mac version of this game it is a supported platform. Who do we need to contact to get this problem solved.
Macbook Pro late 2015 model. Crash crash crash. POS Mac dev team.
#StopTheNeglect #GiveUsOverwatch #WeDontWantToTasteTheRainbowAnymore #Mac
For the record, there's an unsolved bug in the Unity framework that Blizzard used to build Hearthstone on OS X. Multiple other games on OS X that use Unity are also seeing the rainbow glitch bug when Intel integrated graphics are in use. None of them have a solution either. :(
It's all the same for me more than one year.. I'm using MacBook Air, Yosemite OS than El Capitan OS, nothing changes in continuous gameplay. I've lost lots of game that I had dominate..

Why nobody care about these issue from Blizzard for a long time?

Here's some screenshots of crash examples:



I can prove this is true! I've been having these rainbow freezes from time to time. Running on El Captain, Retina.
Quite pathetic, if this hasn't been fixed since August last year..

Since the release of Karazhan the game started crashing. (Spinning rainbow cursor).

One thing i noticed is that that crash only happens when OBS is opened (not streaming just running in the background but hooked to HS), (just need to play a 1-3 games and it will crash).

My system 10.11.6, Retina, and everything is freshly installed.

I had no crash issues before and i'm playing since the Beta.

To people experiencing this i would recommend to quit everything and see if the game still crashes with no apps in the background, and keeping an eye on console to maybe catch something.
This seems to have started for me since the latest patch (Version:

Few things are more frustrating than losing a game you should have won because you d/c. I can't see any reason to keep playing HS until this is resolved.
Same rainbow effect crash here too. Where is the driver fix????

This issue is beyond ridiculous now. Blizzard refuse to answer offer any support and this has been an ongoing issue for an ongoing number of YEARS now. It is well documented here on their forums and clearly there is no active research into and development into solving the issue. Bizarrely, the app is still available for Mac and there is no warning into the gameplay before downloading or playing, but users can still spend their hard earned money on expansions and decks with these KNOWN ongoing issues. Blizzard are clearly ignoring this issue.

A helpful note for users: For users who have this ongoing issue (so every Mac user?) and have purchased any in-game items through your Apple account, you can claim back this money straight away by going to
and selecting the purchase from the list and reposrting that the game does not work as advertised by Blizzard. Note the crashes and note the total lack of support - Apple will refund your purchase, usually within a few hours - and you are WELL within your right to do this.

A helpful note for Blizzard: Mac users have reported this issue, relentlessely, providing crash logs, system reports and hardware information. You have continued to do NOTHING about this issue and still expect users to PAY money for a service which falls below inadequate. This is completley unnaceptable and you need to do something about this, because you have lost users from this and will not only use more (who would recommend the game to friends, who would continue to buy expansions and decks) but will also recieve chargebacks which you cannot resolve in your favour because you are continuing to let users pay money for something which does not work as advertised.
Hi Blizzard,

Is there any comment on this anywhere?

Same issues here.
Mac Retina Crash every 1,5 hour or so.
Just freezes the games and need to restart...
Are the devs clowns? This bug's been here for years and they still can't fix it, wtf?

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