One Night in Karazhan is Now Live!

So, the heroic boss fights. Most of the fights are funny, they need to čreate the deck that can beat them, but overalĺ it's a funny experience.

And then there is the last boss, Malchezaar. First you have to fight a superaggresive orc deck and when you kill him, Malchezaar will clear the board and start to drop two 6/6 each turn.

I cannot express how much I hate that bossfight. It isn't fun at all, just a pure frustration. I tried it like 100 times, various decks, mine or netdecked, but unless you have perfect starting hand, perfect draws and a lot, really a LOT of luck, prepare to be beaten to ashes again and again and again. And again and again.

I do not know how Blizzard test these boss battles, but for me it's a Purify like experience.

I hate it, really.
Check out this tutorial i made on how to beat the prologue on heroic !
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