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I listen to a Hearthstone podcast that constantly talks about "token ____" (often druid).

What do they mean by this? What exactly is a token in a game context?
Token Druid is a deck archetype where you utilize cards such as Violet Teacher, Wisps of the Old Gods, Onyxia, etc. to fill up the board and combo them with buffs for a brutal finish.

Tokens in general are just minions that are summoned through Spells, Battlecries, or Hero Power, etc. For example, Imps from Imp Gang Boss and Silverhand Recruits.
Token is most likely taken from Magic the Gathering, where you have several cards making additional creatures (or other types of permanents) that aren't represented by cards. These non-card permanents are called Tokens in the rules, and they have a couple of special rules that set them apart from cards (such as being unable to be put into a player's hand, they'll cease to exist instead).

Since many HS players have also played MtG, calling minions spawned by other cards "tokens" comes naturally, even if they more closely mimic normal minions than MtG tokens.
This will provide a practical example of what you've just been told.
Thanks for the explanation. Not being a former Magic player, I had no idea where the term came from. Now I know -- thanks!
In practical terms a token is usually a 1/1 minion, and a token druid / paladin / whatever deck will have various means of putting 1/1s on the board, then buffing their attack with other cards to do lots of damage.

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