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C'mon Blizzard, i think it would be nice if you guys gave a little discount for Medivh, Alleria and Magni.

It would be nice to have the complete set of heroes, but i just can't stomach spending another $20 on Alleria and Magni.

Maybe one in time for winter veil festivities, hint hint.
Get the movie off the website. The promotional code will get you Medivh.
As long as everyone else gets refunds for the discounts then...
Why? i already bought Medivh for full price, i'm not mad if people get it for a reduced price or through a promotion.
lol I have had my heart set on waiting for a hero sale for some time. How long has it been since they came out...? I'm guessing 2 years...

After 2 years and no sales I am going to assume that we probably going to have to wait until skins and cosmetic feature lose their appeal in HS, which clearly hasn't happened yet in light of the Khadgar and Tyrande posts.
One of the things that discourages me from buying them is because they're not even unlocked for every region of your account.

I mean when you unlock a portrait through a promotion like Tyrande and Liadrin you get it for every region, but when you pay good money for a hero like Khadgar or Medivh, it's only for the region you bought it on the store.

That's pretty unfair, not to mention the exorbitant price.

Even a small reduction to something like $7 would make iy a bit more appealing, but i just can't justify spending another $10 for them each.
When I think that for the money I would spend on heroes I could be buying cards, I immediately turn the voice down, even though I've been eying Magni ever since it came out.
suck it up like i did and pay 30 dollars for them :}
Magni is the one i really want too, but i also really like the Alleria card back.

I just don't want to spend the $20 for them, even a small reduction would be enough but not this much.

That's 1/3 the price of AAA game for something cosmetic.

Or they could do a promotion where if you purchase one hero, you can purchase the others for a discounted price.

C'mon Blizzard, that's a fair compromise.
10/09/2016 01:47 AMPosted by Ruddypoo
Magni is the one i really want too, but i also really like the Alleria card back.
I really want those two heroes as well. Lets see what happens once they become 3 years old. They have to go on sale sooner or later :)
Discounts are fine just don't force them on us and replace the existing heroes. I like what I have already.
Did they go on sale yet?
I don't care about discounts but I read quite some time ago in a post by a blue that the Tyrande event would be coming back around but it never did. I was not playing when it was offered. The only reason I actually want it is for lack of female characters to choose from. It seems to be a very male-centric game.
11/07/2017 04:54 AMPosted by DireRaven
It seems to be a very male-centric game.

Despite being fantasy, creators still have a tendency to refer to their reality for inspiration and a basis by which they can build their world from.

You also say its "logic-centric" because it uses arithmetic to decide its combat.
Its "human-centric" because it majorly uses humanoid characters.

Calling something "centric" to undermine it isn't really that meaningful when you understand that there always has to be SOME center of reality to refer back to.

Males are overrepresented in fiction because in human history they have been primarily the warriors, priests, hunters, etc.

Fiction is not some complete abstraction that draws equal 50/50 inspiration from both sexes, it is rooted in reality because it uses frames of thought that evolved in phenomena.

Not saying I don't want female characters, but you have to understand why they are underrepresented.

Rainbow Six Siege has fallen into the bad habit of attempting to correct this misrepresentation where there has been a female operator released with every new season, and despite how much I like some of them, it does reduce the immersion factor as they are virtually nonexistent in the anti-terrorist operator community.
Would be nice "before they do that" to first add new hero portraits.
We got 3 of them..

I never see anybody playing with this 3 hero portraits and I don't believe a discount on it will change that.

The chance that you will see a player with a Golden Legendary Lich King is higher then that you will see somebody playing with one of these 3 portraits.

If I compare it to other hero portraits as Tyrande / Morgl or Nemsy that I see more then enough in games , maybe this says also enough about what people think of those 3 hero portraits you can buy in the shop.
Or just allow us the option to buy them with gold instead of money! I'm sure more people would be interested.
Forget sale on 3 faces, just add more and theyll make all the money they need
Many games have sales on their skins at times. I don't see why they can't do it with Hearthstone. Skin sales bring in more profits and make their player base happier.
Hearthstone is a cash-cow right now, I have doubts any sale on skins would happen soon. However we do not know yet Blizzard's plan to Black Friday or Christmas.
(a whole year and seven days later)

Black Friday sale going on right now with major discounts applying to almost everything (that means OW, D3, WoW, SC2, Activision stuff) but Hearthstone. xD

I...I just can't pay 10 euros for cosmetic stuff like this, I'd love to have Medivh and/or Alleria someday, but I couldn't look into the mirror for the rest of my life if I paid their current full prices for them. 10 euros are just too much.

5 euros? Count me in! I might even buy 2 for that price, but 10 for 1? No.

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