Barnes the cancer

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Rng cards that win the game? In hearthstone? Naaaaahhh. Must be another game.
It takes great skill to summon Rag with Barnes. Sorry m8 if you can't do it yet. Your time will come ! :)

Seriously now, yes ... there are some decks that benefits more from Barnes ... like Midrange Shaman that has better chance to draw Mana tide / Flametongue or Midrange Hunter that has mostly good draws from Barnes.

Hearthstone becomes more RNG with each expansion, because Blizzard is trying to make the game more appealing to the dumber audience. It's something we know already. Play Tempo Mage and you'll feel it perfectly ... and yet that deck made it to rank 1 Legend in september (see Asmodai).

RNG is fun and I don't have anything against it. Play some Chess / Go if you want more logic in a game.
Barnes never disappoints me.. doesn't matter if he pulls Y'shaarj or Rag, and it's not rng when I don't run other minions
RNG is the reason this game is as broadly appealing as it is. It let's very skilled and unskilled opponents compete with no certainty of the outcome. The skill is in playing to OR around the RNG OR shaving off the last few decimal points of uncertainty that an RNG effect creates. While the randomness may mean that you lose a game where you were the better player, a good player will win more of these games. Pure coin-flip RNG is going to win you as many games as it loses- if you think a particular effect is unfair, find a way to counter it or go to a game like chess as the last poster suggested.

Now, can we get back to complaining about Firelands Portal in arena because that...
At worst he's a yeti.
"Barnes never disappoints me.. doesn't matter if he pulls Y'shaarj or Rag, and it's not rng when I don't run other minions"

that is exactly the problem, is too good if that is only good outcomes, i am and not complaining about rng only, it is a sad way to lose, he draw barnes, gg
Yea but such a deck is so inconsistent, it doesn't justify a nerf. It is fun when you get lucky and pull it off, but trust me it is not broken, or if you don't, then try the deck and see for yourself.
Agreed Moot, everytime I try Barnes for 10 games, he disappoints me at least 8 times. It's bad. When I have 7 minions left in my deck and only 1 sucks - guess who Barnes pulls... he is a rat bastad.
Please for the love of the (Wild) game, do something about Barnes. I don't mind all the rest of the shenanigans that Big Priest can pull out of...well... any darn orifice is well pleases, but add in Barnes to get the combo going that quickly and it's so broken. You know this, Team 5. You have to. I'm really not raging, just pleading passionately. Do something to make Wild (which I LOVE) more playable for those of us who do not want to play a cancerous netdeck. Thank you :)
Seriously, nerf Barnes already. What is taking so long.
What is this 2016? :) Barnes was never a problem. All the guy ever summoned was the weakest card in my deck. I use to play a summon priest Ysharge deck (whatever the spelling is) and I got Barnes to hit it once in 3 months. (not an exaggeration).

Either I draw Barnes and it hits the weakest card or I don't draw Barnes and then discover him with shadow essence.

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