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If there was an election to decide who we all think is the best Hearthstone Streamer?
i'm not sure, i think he has the best youtube content but his actual stream is tedious because he takes so much time to finish his turns.

Whereas i think Kripp has a better stream but his youtube content has taken a hit in quality since he started making two vids per day.

I wish there were other HS streamers, at least in terms of entertainment.
I vote noxious. Thats the only funny one to watch i say.
10/10/2016 06:03 AMPosted by Muskrat
Nope streamers are losers in my eyes people who cant find a real job

And what exactly is a "real job" according to your logic? They work on something they love and make money out of it. So seems like a ... Real job all the way to me.
I like Trump and Kripp so its really hard to say.
I think Hillary with her content trumps everyone
Hotform. Hands down the most interactive guy on stream. Not to mention he went to the finals of Blizzcon last year.

Added perk. He gives hugs to people who know him from his stream.
I would vote for trump if he gave me a small loan of $1m
kripps salt is best so when he is losing you will be entertained :D
amaz is always cool so i vote for amaz.
trump is just weird.
and kibler doesnt try new stuf right now he either plays Rng decks with yog or dragon decks or some priest stuf.
*Sees political post*
*logs in to hide*
*reads posts*



Well played Teelo...Well played.
Of the big names, I'm partial to Kibler, just because he's pretty chill (takes a lot to bring out the PJSalt) and he's got a fun laugh. Plus Shiro, of course.

If you're interested in interactive and methodical Arena play, I recommend Simcopter1 -- he's also a really chill dude and does a good job of explaining his picks (most of the time -- there are certain cards that need no explanation, like Piloted Shredder).
I would most likely vote for Noxious.
No one comes even close to Disguised Toast
Yeah, well. Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos.
10/11/2016 07:56 PMPosted by BadWolf
Disguised Toast
Dis' Guy's Toast.
10/11/2016 09:39 PMPosted by Teelo
10/11/2016 07:56 PMPosted by BadWolf
Disguised Toast
Dis' Guy's Toast.

Yes. That's the joke. Hi.
I would vote for Noxious, his reactions when RNG trolls him hard are hilarious!

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