What each class needs but "never" will get

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what it need / not getting because'

Mage: Class minions?? / spell cost+efficiency
Priest: Early drop / late game powerful cards
Hunter: Card draws / aggressive tools
Warlock: Class cards / hero power
Rogue: Healing +AOE / combo+burst ability
Warrior: Board clear / armour stacking
Druid: Removal / ramp and big minions
Shaman: Healing / flood+burst ability
Pally: mid-game minions? / buff+debuff ability

Sorry, my knowledge is limited
For all the experts out there to contribute
Hunter could use heals and card draw. Or at least un-nerf buzzard
Warrior has one of the best board clears in the form of brawl. Also druid has decent removal, maybe not a good board clear.
shaman has one of the best healing cards, shaman doesn't need anything that's why he control the ladder.
11/04/2016 03:02 AMPosted by Reaver
Shaman: Healing

has second biggest heal in the game.

11/04/2016 03:02 AMPosted by Reaver
Warrior: Board clear

already has brawl + best removal in the game.

11/04/2016 03:02 AMPosted by Reaver

why spend mana to draw cards when you have turn 7 - 8 lethal ?
You are saying about stuff that classes will never get, yet they have most of the stuff you listed. For example shaman has heals as much as priest or pally. Pally has no mid game drops? Have you played that class ever?
Demons are not class cards? Do I not know what class cards are? I could swear that the other classes don't have demons or minions that have some sort of boosted stat/effect at the cost of some sort of sacrifice. I like the idea of this TOPIC though and I'd be interested to hear from some of the more experienced forumites.
Sorry, my knowledge is limited
For all the experts out there to contribute

As to some comments, I agree that you are right, considering the standard optimised netdecks
But if you look on the creative side of the game, what i stated generally holds true as well.
Reason: if you consider trying to switch a class into another archetype/style of play

I take the example of hunter.
I like to try a control hunter playstyle.
Vs zoolock matchup.
Try to mulligan for aoe. fails. Any good card draw mechanics to counter? usually no.
Give hunter good draw mechanics...... players will optimise the deck to play zoo-like decks...... thus what does the game designers do?

Does designers face the same dilemma with priest?

If you look positively at the post, I was hoping for a discussion to understand the design mechanics of each class and how they interact vs each other. What is the strength and weakness of each class so as to enable that one class does not dominate the game.

There are more experienced gamers out there that can share their views on this
Priest needs: An overhaul to add synergies. Something to do early game wouldn't hurt either.
Priest got a much needed 3 drop. I think it was a 3 mana 2/3 battlecry give 3 health to a minion.

Hunter got the piranha shooter. All that is missing is that they now pull early....

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