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Bug Report
Greetings blizzard, I am reporting one bug that I am sure is a bug, although I know you are tired of bugs because of new expansion, this is a bug that is lasting in game longer then since new expansion, so let's get to what is actually is - the main idea was to play a stealth minion (in this case ravenholdt assasin) and give it enhancement card Charge (1 mana give a friendly minion charge, it can't attack heroes THIS TURN), then next turn if you play faceless manipulator on that minion, it gains the same CURRENT effect and both can attack face with some other damage buffs, but that was not the situation what happened, instead the faceless copied minion couldn't attack into face this turn, which turned out to be really weird, but after thinking for some time I figured out why this is not working, so charge is basically a NEW interaction in hearthstone (hidden) where it is a buff until end of turn (yes I know embrace the shadows does the same), which is all okay, but faceless manipulator is supposed to copy the CURRENT state of minion, and instead he is coded to first copy the minion, then basic stats and then get through all effects again and get them cast on him, which is for charge case a little trouble, because when it is cast on him once more he gains this until end of turn ability to not be able to attack face, which is I think incorrect, so the result is if you wanna compare, the original minion can attack face and the copied minion by faceless manipulator can't attack face. I know that this combo would be probably insane because it has literally no interactive counterplay, but I think that you should fix that and then maybe nerf it if it needs so. anyways I would really appreciate some feedback from you blizzard what do you think about this interraction of teach me how it exactly works or something, thanks for hearing me :)
your player Tadeáš Anděl
http://hearthstone.gamepedia.com/Charge_(card)#Notes Unclear if this is a bug or not, see here
since there is written this turn and manip should copy exactly the right statement of the minion where it is it should work that's what I think

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