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Undercity Huckster is a gem. The "Hey. Hey. Do you wanna buy a funnel cake?" is alright. But I like how he shouts, "BUY ONE!!!!!" when he attacks.

I like to imagine he's throwing funnel cakes at my not hungry opponent :3
Honestly that's my favorite too lmao

BUY ONE!!!!!!

good voice acting; i'm going to post ABOUT the whole pirate warrior thing and give a suggestion including the game voice acting, can you go show it some love?

It'll be up in a few minutes
Ahahaha yes the funnel cake guy is awesome. Takes first for me too. Have you met his cousin, priest of the feast? Blessed be this funnel cake!

Close second though "You wanna cast a spell? I want to cast a spell!"

Runner up: "C'thun, C'Thun, C'THUUUUUUN!" It's the enthusiasm that gets me XD

Oh and let's not forget Leroy Jenkins!! He only says his own name but again with that enthusiasm.

Special mention to kvaldir raider who's so lame it's hilarious..."I enjoy... Raiding!!!"
SI: Agent wins: Disguised Toast....
01/18/2017 10:15 AMPosted by Praxis
SI: Agent wins: Disguised Toast....

I thought he said "this guys toast". Either way still one of my favorites.
there are so many I really like:
-show them gnome mercy!
-let´s nogotiate: you concede and I let you live...

but I think one of my favorites was the holy champion:
-summon: how many fingers do you see????
-atack: does this hurt??!
specially becuase when she got to actually atack it probably hurt xD
"What? They fell off a truck."
"I knew it!!!"
"Take this time to look upon your past deeds!"

Yes, it's ripped straight from an old dungeon in wow but that's probably why I like it. Awesome music clip too.
01/18/2017 04:17 PMPosted by junkinthebox
"What? They fell off a truck."

This lol
Accidents. You know? They happen.
"Best seats ever!"


"No! My POPcorn. Guhuhhhghghghgh."
Side effects? No. Trust me....
Darion Mograin from the pally DK.
No Peace! No Rest!
Honestly I just love this one idk why xD
Shade of Naxxramas:

Ragnaros, Lightlord:

Bloodreaver Gul'dan:
"A bargain forged in blood and shadow!"
Followed by
"Your suffering will be... Legendary"
01/20/2017 02:36 PMPosted by oakkin
"I knew it!!!"

Yeah I like this one too :)
"Youre so sweet!"
"Give me a kith!"

Makes me smile everytime
One day I'll be just like you !!!
Undercity Huckster seems to be the favorite overall (I like him as well!)

But I find Sanguine Reveler to be really funny, specially when you destroy a Blood Imp to buff it:

"Relaaaaaax...It's a party!"


Sounds like a funny scene from a cartoon. :]

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