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May be it will be a good idea to have a topic for new card ideas where everyone could suggest new cards and/or game changes :)

I am starting with 4 ideas:

1. New card which increases card slots.
Now we have "Prince Malchezaar" which does something similar, except that you cannot choose the additional 5 cards :) If you can add the special "add 3 slots card" and choose 3 cards you will make own deck of 32 cards you choose

2. New card which decreases card slots :)
For people who need 27 cards deck for example :)

3. Crafting temporary cards (rent a card :)
Not always a card usefulness can be predicted. If renting the same card for using 1 month only is 1/10 of the price there will be a way to test before deciding to craft.

4. Golden cards effect to be slightly better that the normal one. For example if card is golden, the card cost could be 1 less mana cost with 1/30 probability.
1. OK in every single no fatigue deck.Bad idea.

3.Don't see advantage in it.

4.Please no.People already whine to much for this game being p2w in the actual state of the game.We don't need cards with bigger dust cost being really better.
I reckon we should have "TRAMPLE" if you have a 4-2 charge"with trample"and they have a 2-2 still lose 2 life
New legendary card!

Captain face smasher.
30/30 charge minion that ignores taunts.
Let's make Dragon Decks Great again!

For Priest: Legendary Healing Dragon.
It is a 8 mana 7/7, If you played a dragon last turn heal a character for 12 health.
Helps a lot for the Dragon Priest to survive at the new aggro meta.

Legendary Dragon: Lightning Dragon.
it is a 10 mana 8/8, If you played a dragon last turn strike 2 lightning bolts at random enemy charachters. each bolt deals 4 damage.

For Warlock: Legendary Shadow Dragon.
it is a 5 mana 4/4, Battcry: Corruption all minions on board. Has Stealth.

Legendary Ice Dragon:
it is a 7 mana 6/6.
same as the lightning Dragon. If you played a Dragon last turn Freeze 2 random enemy minions.

Please try to consider some of these options.
I think there can be a great dragon synergy if we have these cards to get inside the meta.
I'd like to see minions with abilities that cost mana.

3 mana 2/4
Ability (costs 1 mana to activate)
Silence a minion untill the start of your next turn.

Oh the endless possibilities :)
More Paladin cards that are not Murloc-related or Murloc-supporting.
Battlecry: Remove 1 random card from your opponents hand and return it to his deck.

Battlecry: Play 1 random card from your opponents hand.

Destroy a random card from your opponents hand.
Shaman card: 4 mana 4/4 that makes overload cards not overload. Something o sort would be interesting
I've been trying to create some cards that could make discard lock not horrible. I won't post the gallery links because I'm not looking for upvotes.

Mo'Arg Engineer:

Undercity Demonologist:

Overbearing Imp Mother: and her token:

Summoning Circle: and its token:
Forgive me if there's already a card like this (I still don't know the game very well), but I'd like to see a spell that allows you to transfer a self-destructive damage or deathrattle card (like "Ticking Abomination") from your line to your opponent's line.
Add a card that is a 5 mana 1/1 that has the ability to double the attack and health at the end of each turn
06/28/2017 07:52 AMPosted by Paf
Battlecry: Remove 1 random card from your opponents hand and return it to his deck.

Battlecry: Play 1 random card from your opponents hand.

Destroy a random card from your opponents hand.

Teching against shudderwock are we?

Still good ideas though. Maybe well get some sort of dirty rat replacement this next expansion.
Rock, 3 mana 3/3. Battlecry: Destroy all Scissors and remove Shudderwock from both decks.

Paper, 3 mana 3/3. Battlecry: Destroy all Rocks and remove Carnivorous Cube from both decks

Scissors, 3 mana 3/3. Battlecry: Destroy all Paper and remove (insert random card the forums complain about here) from both decks.

All neutral legendaries.
8 Mana class legendary for Paladin: If you have no other 8 cost cards you can use your hero power twice for the rest of the game.
Idea: OTK Paladin can use it to have easier otk but the requirement is still to draw the DK and the new card and have 2 horsemen on hand. With enough pressure he won't be able to use the OTK.
also you can't run it in odd paladin which would make the hero power way to strong and in even paladin you can basically upgrade your hero power to odd paladin.
Card Suggestion

Mage Only

Legendary Spell

Arcane Blast

1 Mana Cost
Deals 1 damage
Each time this spell is cast the damage doubles and the mana cost increases by one. After the 4th cast this card does not return to hand.

First cast - 1 mana 1 Damage
Second cast - 2 mana 2 Damage
Third cast - 3 mana 4 damage
Fourth cast - 4 mana 8 damage

The idea I have should be clear but it really needs to be limited to 4 casts one way or another. Either remove echo modifier and spell it out that it can be cast repeatably 4 times or leave as is with limit 4. Otherwise Apprentice stacking easily makes this a OTK card.

Should be balanced as the multi targeting is offset by low damage returns for 1-3 cast but if all 10 mana used it hits for a total of 15 damage making it more worth while than a pyroblast.

I feel this would add presence to the arcane spell tree and is tribute to arcane blasts functionality in WoW.
Anyone thought of a new Warlock Hero,
Battlecry: for the rest of the game any card you discard a card shuffle a copy into your deck into your deck
1 cost Hero power: discard a random card and draw a card.
Either that or have the hero power like DK Valeera and have it as an echo card appear every turn

No idea on cost of card but you know discard warlock might then become viable, Augmented elek would cause some interesting interactions
spells or mignons that can bypass armor

silence card that can target weapons

mignons who do not trigger secrets when sumoned or when attacking,

spells that can't be counter spell

spellsteal effect vs immune to a hero or a spell or mignon to remove immune to a hero.

mignons that can ignore taunts

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