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Well no matter what the system. It took about 3 days to push me out of the game.

The last 15 games has been against people who are sooooooo much better both deck and experience wise.
So is this the worst matchmaking system in the world?

back to Overwatch i guess. Blizzard gets their money somehow
I play to get my card back and that's it. No matter how good my deck is, as soon as I get to rank 19 I start losing until I am back to no stars rank 20, Been like this for 3 years now. I can play unranked and have a 85% win rate. Now I play to get gold so I can open lots more packs when the new expansion packs come out and get more cards.
So don't worry about the ranked thing.
01/16/2017 02:25 AMPosted by OpenWound
haven't given them money in years. I rank 5 every month I want to. Top 2% according to blizz. Just go to any site and start working towards a net deck. You would realize that most of the effective decks are quite cheap and easy to obtain. Pretty much everything blizzard has done over the past few years has been geared towards new players.

This ^

I can beat most decks haven't figured out how to beat this pattern deck (Control Warlock) with what I own.

If you don't know how Hearthstone works, first learn how it works especially with card sequencing every match. What do we know about Control Warlock? Yep Skull of Manari is going to either for a fact on turn 6.

And it was. From there we know for a fact that Voidlords are going to be popping out of his hand the next 2 rounds. And they do.

We also know for a fact the Blood Reaver Gul'dan will be there on turn 10. And he is.


I picked up Mass Hysteria on a Discover. Learning what happens. I have Psychic Scream for the guaranteed full board coming. Can I beat this pattern that we have seen so so so so many times before?


Nope I could not. His pattern was too strong for what I have.

Honorable mention for card facts. TarCreeper will be there on turn 3. Odds are, though not 100%, another Tarcreeper will drop before turn 6. And it did.

So my advice? Know how Hearthstone works. Like Dungeon run and bosses there, they just do the same thing over and over again you just need the cards to win. Same for player vs player. The Decks drop the same cards over and over again. Is your deck ready for turn 1, 3, 5, 7, 9?
I took a break from ranked and recently played 6 games at rank 20. 4 of those were golden priests with netdecks and the other two were paladin netdecks.

Rank 20 is hard and it is just as competitive at higher ranks. It feels more difficult than rank 15 or 10.

It is easy to get discouraged. Take a breather, do your quests, and if you can't find an aspect of Hearthstone that is fun then it may be time to move on.

Good luck!
And as of now you can't drop below 20. I was 19 and it put me to 20.

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