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So I downloaded the game about 4 days ago, and got the mage to level 10. I read the basic guides and thought I would try casual play as it said I would be matched with opponents of my skill level.

Load of .......

The last two days have been nothing but decks built of cards that are insane. Combos that summon two or three cards at a time. Every card played has some type of effect, that either stomps my critters out or just shuts down my deck. Just played a game where the opponent cleared out my three minions, then inflicted over 20 points of damage in round 6.

It is obvious I am not playing against new players. Why is there not a location for new players to actually play against each other? I do not have the cards to compete against these decks. I can't earn levels at a decent pace to get cards, and seeing that the match makers considers an account less than a week old as being able to compete against decks people have spent who knows how much money to acquire...

I know that they want you to buy cards to play the game. But this is just crazy. I have bought the welcome pack and got a couple of good cards, but nothing like I am seeing. I don't want to rage quit, but what are they thinking doing this? Matches should be played against those within a few games (10 or so) of the number you have played. If someone has played 200+ games they should not be matched up against a new player.

Is there any place in the game (besides solo play) someone who just started can play against new players? At this point if these are the matches I can expect to see, probably done playing. There is competition and there is frustration. Not seeing any of the former and way to much of the latter.
I don't want to rage quit, but what are they thinking doing this?.

Players have been telling them this for like 2 years, and they haven't overtly changed anything.

In Arena you draft a deck based on luck equal to everyone else. And sometimes in the weekly brawl, like this week, you have equal card opportunities, earning a weekly free pack. Then you can re-roll your daily quests to get quests that don't require you to actually win games, and go from there. You've already bought the welcome bundle, which is a good thing. Good luck.
If you can stomach it- get one character to level 20 so you can get a pack of cards each new brawl (most of the time)

Beat all the classes on expert practice mode yet? reward for that as well.

I won't lie- starting as a new player is rough right now.
You're right about casual being anything but casual.

You're better off raising your Mage to level 20 in the solo adventures. The prologue of Karazan is free. You can easily level up with it.

Once you level up to 20 with Mage, you can play the tavern brawl, and level the rest of your classes to the point that you get all the basic cards.
Everyone who was a new player once had to play insane cards. Maybe these other helpful posters don't remember, but when I stated a few years ago I was playing guys at rank 20 with Ragnaros, Sylvanas, golden Tyrion, !@#$ like that. Its how everyone starts, you ahve nothing, your opponents have insane cards.

I would just stick it out, its what I did already.
You have to lose close to 10 times as many games as you win for your MMR to actually go down to where you will see a difference in decks

That means you need to be losing roughly 10 games to your every 1 win, and eventually you will stop seeing T1-T2 decks

At least that's how it went for me when I was on tilt and trying to get a quest done on a sub-par deck. I eventually started queueing against really bad decks (like prince malchezar decks and basic card decks)....

...and as soon as I won a few games it went back to meta decks. Leaving me to believe that the system assigns 10x the amount of MMR to your casual rating for a win as it removes for a loss

So basically, you are screwed in casual if you are hoping to avoid T1-T2 decks
Wow... ok... so my post disappeared after I edited it... here it is again.

Not sure how Team5 hasn't figured this out yet, but having so few ranks means there's almost 0 separation between low ranking veterans and new players. I don't care how good you are, winning vs top tier decks while using mostly basic cards will be incredibly difficult/near impossible. If they had 100(or even 50) ranks then the low ranking veterans with good cards would be at least 25-50+ ranks from the new player who starts at 100. Then they just add in locks every 5-10 ranks so if you hit Rank 70 one season, you start at rank 70 the next season. Bam, division of the player base to the point new players probably play against new players.

The only reason I can think of that they haven't done this is because they want the wait times to be as low as possible. A big problem with this is how does that make it fun for anyone? Yeah I waited 15 seconds for a game, but I'd rather wait 30 seconds and have a good game. I'm sure the newbie would like that too.

If you enjoy Arena I highly suggest you focus on that and use a tier list to learn how to evaluate cards while mainly focusing on decision making.

Web based tier list:

A deck tracker which is incredibly useful and removes the tedious things about Hearthstone (in my view), tracking cards, and counting damage on board.
Arena Helper plugin for HDT:
I tried some of the advice given, thank you. I have been pushing the mage to 20 in solo play to try tavern brawls, but do not know how much longer I will be doing that.

Saw the patch notes about a better match maker for new players, had a glimmer of hope.

Played 4 games. All 4 Warrior pirate decks. All with cards that creamed me in about 6 rounds. Next game wasn't warrior, but again every card summoned either totally destroyed any card in play or summoned an extra minion. Zero chance of winning, knew this by turn 4. Threw in the towel. Next two games, well the less said about the games the better. Roommate came over to see why I was cursing like a pirate. (Sorry)

If this is what they consider a fix - again, matched up again players with a ton of more games than me - then I guess they are really without a clue on getting new players. If you have fun, you spend money. If you don't, no money goes out, and new players move on. I am getting ready to move on, as having no fun so will not throw good money after bad.

Almost every other online game I have played recently has a tier system. You either play against players of your skill level or if you play lower tiers you are limited in what you can field. New players cannot enjoy never winning.

I am not new to card games - grew up on Magic, Net Runner, MechWarrior, Jyhad/Vampire, and other games. But the frustration in knowing that my win chance is less than 5% in most games just tells me these people have no idea how to pull in new players.

I am not trying ranked, I am trying the casual they advertise as being against people of your skill level. They really need to remove that tag line as it is false.
I feel you, dude. I've been playing for a couple years as a F2P player (other than buying the starter pack at the beginning), and your frustration is real and validated. I've never been above rank 16 and I consistently get slaughtered in casual mode. What keeps me going? Arena mode. It's the only mode that makes you feel like you are on a somewhat even playing field. You might still have your !@# handed to you, but you at least feel like there is a chance. You won't see any archetypes like Pirate Warrior or Jade Druid, and it can be exciting to draft good cards and feel like a badass for a while.

So I basically complete quests all week long to build up gold (usually cycling through the quests that require a bunch of winning) and then play Arena on the weekends. Without Arena I would have quit this game long ago.

But, after a couple years, I've played enough to have about 7 decent legendary cards, (I've gotten many more from packs but disenchanted crummy ones) plenty of nice epics and rares, and at the very least I can hold my own in many cases. And even though I lose a lot, there is nothing better than beating someone that drops legendary after legendary on me, including Reno. It doesn't happen often but it's sweet when it does.

Anyway, good luck!
Casual is an ELO based system and in an ELO based system you have to start at "average."

This isn't every good for new players because they don't start off with average amount of cards and they don't start with an average understanding of the game.

There is no game mode that matches you with other people starting the game unlike every other pvp game and the system is the exact same type of matchmaking system that games like overwatch and league of legends use for their "ranked" mode.

If you want to play against people with less cards you can play ranked up until you get to rank 20 because most of the people between 25 and 20 are new to the game. After that though there isn't much you can do except lose until you are up against people you should be against.
Pretty much if you are new you are out of luck and the decks are always stacked against you. Just concede matches when you see top net decks.
They need to make a secondary casual play mode that places limitations on decks. 1 Legendary, 3 Epic, 5 Rares, and 21 commons cards. Or something along those lines, that way new players can farm each other without being bulldozed by veteran players. I am a veteran player.

But then again with the new rank mode it may end up being new player friendly with the tier system.
i remember my new player experience more than 1 year ago and it was terrible even after spending 26 bucks (was it?) on an adventure. i had one deck that could get to rank 15 with some effort (el cheapo zoo) and nothing else to complete quests with. Up till today I don't have a single epic mage or priest card that would be considered playable in a basic quest deck.

of course people tend to put those experiences behind you and now I don't have the frustration of being unable to finish quests anymore but HS is possibly the worst new player game I can think of atm. they need to let new players complete quests against the AI up to say, 200 wins.

i dont think there is any loss to doing that.
You should not be playing ranked at all as a new player. Well maybe to rank 20 then stop change the game mode and you should get matched with other new players.
I remember when i was new to the game i was annoyed too when i saw epic or legendary cards from my opponent. It took me a great while until i realized that i could play around a lot of them. There are many more cards today that are really powerful, though, so it will likely be even harder today than it was when i started playing. You will learn to much better deal with these cards very soon, though. And if you follow the great advice previous posters have provided, you will also gain a lot of cards quickly. I'd like to hear your thoughts about the game again once you're 3-4 months in. You should have at least one T1 deck by then (with maybe a few substitute cards).

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